[Episodes added to Gizmoplex] The Case of the Missing Manos (and other mysteriously unavailable episodes)

Edit: Thanks to @ivan these episodes are now available to rent/buy on the Gizmoplex, yay!

I’m not sure if this is an oversight, or perhaps to incentivise people to buy the packages, but there seem to be some episodes that are not available to buy/rent individually on The Gizmoplex.

So far I’ve spotted Manos: The Hands of Fate, Jack Frost and Girl in Gold Boots. All three are available in either the #BroughtBackMST3k or #MadeMoreMST3k bundles, but not on their own.

Manos would be particularly nice to have available individually, given that the first Gizmoplex Special Event is scheduled to be A Tribute to Manos.

What say you, oh mighty powers-that-be?

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Maybe they plan to release it then. Make a whole thing about it, ya know? They can call it Master’s Month and all the episodes can revolve around highly morally questionable creepy cult-like leaders.

It’s what The Master would want.


Considering that Manos will be aired as part of the special event in a couple of weeks, I wonder if that’s precisely why it’s not available right now. This might also be an indication of what other special events they have planned.


It would be awesome if they had a fan voted “Mystie Bundle” where they have 10 episodes the fans voted to represent our love for MST3K. And what episodes we think of when we think of the show.

Then sell the bundle for a limited time at a cheaper price for backers.

I could see Mitchell, Manos, Pod People, etc being part of it.

I know many probably already own most of what would be included in the bundle, but it would be cool for fresh fans of the show to have a curated selection from the community.


Love this idea! I think ThePumaman would probably make that list. Speaking as a clearly unbiased fan…


And Werewolf. Everything about that movie is essentially an excellent example of how a combination of truly bizarre choices creates a perfect storm of riffing goodness.


Take another look. :grimacing:


Thank you, Ivan. The Master most definitely approves of me getting a Manos fix!