Episodes on Rifftrax and NOT Gizmoplex

I noticed that Rifftrax has MST3K: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell | RiffTrax but the Gizmoplex does not.

The quality over on Rifftrax is fantastic and it’s one of my favourite episodes, so I’m very tempted to get it there. However, if there’s a chance it’ll be coming to the Gizmoplex I’d prefer to avoid getting it twice.

Can anyone help with this?


Give us 24 hours!


Lemme guess — Ivan and Lesley are gonna take on the RiffTrax gang in a scene straight out of City Limits!


Oh, you mean Doordash.

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Deathstalker and the warriors from hell is in my gizmoplex library. I also like that Rifftrax has intros to the episodes with MST3K cast members talking about the episodes.

List of episodes I did buy on Rifftrax that are not available on the gizmoplex.

Episode 305 Stranded In Space - (MST3K: Stranded in Space | RiffTrax)
Episode 317 Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent - (MST3K: Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent | RiffTrax)
Episode 1010 It Lives by Night - (MST3K: It Lives by Night | RiffTrax)

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Oh that’s interesting! I went and checked myself and yep, it’s in the ultimate collection. Thanks for saving me from buying it twice!

Deathstalker isn’t in my explore section though, which is why I didn’t think it was available.