Episodes You Won't Watch Because You Can't Sit Through The Movie?

I don’t think even Coleman Francis could tell you what Red Zone Cuba was about.


I found it an excellent palate cleanser after that one time I tried to get through a whole Twilight in one go and failed miserably. :wink:


Hamlet. Yes, I’ve seen it, blahblah. Somebody likes their Polonius riff. Yadda yadda. Nope.

Fu Manchu. No!

No means no!

Mitchell. Never again! No! Stop touching me Mitchell! I don’t know you, stranger, stop touching me!

Kitten with a Whip. Never again. This is battery acid, you slime! Never again!

/* Oh yeah, and the Lassie movie. Gross. Never again.

And Sidehack &c. Just greasy crap. Never again.

"Diabolik* can diaFire. Never again.

From TNG and beyond? Most any movie in color not hosted by Emily, and especially none featuring kids. I hate kids. And generally movies featuring them. Some exceptions, but, sorry, not sorry, I’m not interested in 1980s and beyond nostalgia features, with some exceptions. I don’t like to puke, and I don’t like hipsters, and I don’t like kids, and I just won’t have it.



One would have to wonder what a Coleman Francis commentary track for Red Zone Cuba would sound like and consist of…


OMG! That would be epic to hear: Well, you see, we had this footage… we found in a box in the desert… and well…


Would that not be fantastic? :smiley:

There’s even odds that it would have been just as coherent - IF NOT LESS - than his narration for The Beast of Yucca Flats!


Sorry, that still doesn’t entice me to try that episode. Bleak episodes don’t do anything for me.


Hamlet. ‘Nough said.

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