Errors, problems, etc., with the Vault Pick "extra" segments

So, we’re watching the Gamera Vault Pick and loving the Synthia and Jonah segment, but the audio is all over the place: Synthia is too loud, Jonah’s audio fluctuates.

Just thought you should know.

Any other Vault Picks that you guys have had a technical issue with?

What are you watching them through? Via an app or the website/virtual theater?

I just gave Gamera a watch on the virtual theater and it sounded fine.

Anyone else having volume or technical issues with the Vault Picks?

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I’m watching it on my (1 year old gaming) laptop:
through: theatre (dot) gizmoplex (dot) com/theaterprivate
using Google Chrome.

Weird. We’ll look into it.

Would you mind checking out another Vault Pick and seeing if you have the same issue?

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Same here. I watched “Gamera” and “King Dinosaur” over the last two days through the website (Chromecasted on to my TV), and both times I thought, “The new segments are a little too loud compared to the old show.” Not enough to really bother me - I just reached for the remote to turn it down a little.

Today, though, I’m watching “The Pod People” (currently about 3/4s done) and the new segments are WAY loud compared to the episode. Enough so that I jumped the first time one started after the first segment of the movie.

Also, quick question - is there a plan in place to closed-caption these old episodes over time?

Just tried it and it (Gamera) sound fine for me, watching through the laptop (and Shrews was fine a few days back, watching through the TV). Jonah may be a little loud, but he always sounds loud to me, (the kickstarter livestreams, the Q&A last night… God gifted him with a booming voice)

We’ll be watching the picks over the next week or two and will report anything that’s weird…well, weird that’s not supposed to be there. You know what I mean! :wink:

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I was one who had volume level issues with the previews, but watched gamera, beginning of the end and werewolf and all seemed ok to me. Chrome, laptop, internal speaker , windows 10. Any chance you have a secondary audio mixer / booster on the gaming laptop outside the normal windows one?

Not likely. The Gamera movie audio was fine…just about perfect. Riffs just slightly louder than the audio of the movie, just like it’s supposed to be.
The Ads have been fine.
The Emily segment was fine. It was exactly as loud as it was supposed to be. No fluctuations in audio. It was just as loud as Joel and the bots were when they were riffing.
It was just the Audio of Synthia and Jonah that has been an issue so far. When I’m finished with this viewing, I’ll watch it again on my “work” laptop to see if there’s a difference.

Not an expert or anything but with old movie sound recording and the modern , potentially remote, audio recording, I figured something like surround sound or similar might cause an issue, going thru a channel the original didn’t hit. Could also be talking rubbish as well. Just I had a laptop before with a realtek audio program, which you could mess with the bass levels, reverb etc. Worth mentioning at least :slightly_smiling_face:

OK. Just finished the Gamera Vault Pick.
The ending segment with Synthia and Jonah:
The ending Synthia portions were good, slighly louder than the Emily segment, but not as bad as the beginning Synthia segment.
The ending Jonah portion was VERY loud.
It feels like an audio levelling issue at the source. I’ll take a look through my other laptop at some point and update as appropriate.

Please note: we’ve been watching the regular movies/episodes through the theater/gizmoplex since we got the invite (maybe 2 weeks ago?) and this was the first time we’ve had this occur.
And one more note Santo last night was good as far as audio is concerned.


The episodes in the Kickstarter rewards seem to all have subtitles, including the Gamera eps. I imagine they have subtitle files for all or most of them at this point (plenty of mistakes in them, but I know from another thread that they’re taking feedback on sub mistakes). The Shout Factory DVD set of Gamera is disappointingly subtitle/caption free, but probably has never been updated across pressings.

Hmm. I must be missing something. I’ve watched several of May’s Vault Picks (Chromecasted to my TV) and can’t see any way to activate subtitles.

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Ivan’s comment on subtitles for the May Vault Picks:


Ah ha! Thanks. :slight_smile:

FYI, we just watched the Killer Shrews Vault Pick and the audio was fine. I think Emily was kinda loud on the one at the end, but it wasn’t bad like the Gamera ones. The Synthia segments were fine (audio wise).

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I just went through all of them on my Roku and had no problems, for whatever that’s worth.

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Heads-up, everyone! The May Vault Picks have captions now - read ‘‘em before they’re gone!


We only have 8 days 'till the June Vault Picks arrive.


Yep, and we apologize for the delay. Captions should be available on the Vault Picks on the 1st of the month moving forward.