Ever deal with MST3K haters?

As much as I hate to admit it, our beloved show isn’t for everybody. Over the years, both during the original run, the interim and the revival series, I’ve encountered people in person and online who just don’t like the show…or even flat out hate MST3K!

I remember early on when I discovered the show in rural North Carolina, a few of my classmates who had cable berated me over liking MST3K. I was told that the show wasn’t funny and it didn’t make any sense. I remember communicating with a pen pal by letter (yep, that’s how old I am) and when I told her about the show, she said it was a stupid show.

My high school girlfriend never liked MST3K. I tried showing it to her but she just found the concept ridiculous. I asked her if she ever found herself talking back to awful movies and she said no.

I remember when fan MSTings were popular like Shinji’s Vault of Anime MSTings, there were a few newspaper or magazine editorials shared on those sites - these savaged the show.

What do you think? Is the negativity justified? Have you ever met someone who insulted you for watching MST3K?


Of course. As it goes with the world, different strokes for different folks. Not everyone in the world has the same kind of sense of humor or taste. I try to remind myself to be kind, and look out for the people who aren’t intolerant jerks.


I’ve never had anyone insult me to my face for liking it. I understand that for some people it’s too chaotic, too cheesy, the movies too unenjoyable. Other people get hurt feelings on behalf of the film makers. I think they believe that the riffs come from a place of hatred or loathing for the movies, not realizing it’s much more akin to a roast than actual ridicule. They’ve asked what I would think if someone ripped on a movie I love not expecting me to say they’ve riffed one of my favorite movies ever (The Atomic Brain aka. Monstrosity). That seems to stump them. Some people also seem to think the filmmakers aren’t paid for the licences, or that it hurts the movie in the long run again not realizing that people genuinely come to love the movies enough to buy copies, fund sequels and remastering, etc.

So basically, they try to fight with a bunch of nonsense instead of having the guts to just say they know what they dislike and they simply dislike the show. They have to justify it, which is just silly.


I don’t have any remarkable or memorable stories, but I have run into folks who haven’t enjoyed MST3K, some of whom I tried to convert to MSTiedom. Their dislike was mostly an issue of taste or preference, that that style of comedy wasn’t for them. They weren’t virulently disrespectful about not liking the show, but… eh, it happens.

The thing to remember is to be a good ambassador for the show if folks aren’t into MST3K. You know, to not be too pushy or snippy or anything of the sort. It’s like @UrnotRibs says - the world is comprised of all sorts of tastes and senses of humor, and that’s fine, that’s something awesome. Granted, it’d be great if we had more people brought under our great big carnival tent as MSTies, but sometimes, it doesn’t always play out like that.

Heh, in those cases, just gotta rationalize: “Hey, more MST3K for the rest of us!”


The worst I ever received was someone saying MST3K was not a comedy.


snort That statement is funny as heck.


"MST3K is a documentary-style cinema verite drama that plays out in real-time, paving the way for 24. "


Some of the haters came at the revival of the show on Netflix and the recent Kickstarter.

When I shared the Kickstarter on Twitter and on another forum I frequent, there was grumbling. Some who liked the original series didn’t like the revival, saying it wasn’t up to par with the original run. There was grumbling about Jonah as host. Another complaint was that the newer show was trying too hard to be funny, just throwing in every possible joke or making too many pop culture references.

Then there were those who grumbled about the hefty funding goal the new Kickstarter was trying to raise. I saw people whining “why do they need all that money”.

When it comes to revivals, you get that sentiment.


Joel always says, “The right people will get it.” I’m quite happy that I have continued to be one of the right people after all these years and iterations. :sunglasses:


I can think of a few people who decided to hate the revived show before they saw even a second of footage, including one guy who had a bizarre rant about how politically Leftist the new MST3K had become.


My Father, a film historian, hated MST3K. He used to say, “oh, it’s that show” when he saw me watching it.

That’s fine, he liked plenty of things I didn’t too.


I’d rather not get into the whole debate about how more recent revivals/remakes/reboots of shows have anything “offensive” removed from them.

But I have not seen any Leftist or right-wing politics in the revived MST3K; I’m too busy laughing at the jokes and enjoying the show to comb over it for secret agendas.

Occam’s Razor applies here - the simplest explanation is that MST3K is just a show about a host and robots watching bad movies; there’s no hidden political agenda!


There aren’t any; I was reporting the words of a raving nitwit who, I think, had issues with Patton Oswalt’s social media presence and extrapolated that into his view of what he thought the new MST3K was, despite a total lack of evidence.


I love that during the Mindless Summer Watch-A-Longs, there was some riff-back on the part of a couple of co-hosts while the movies were running. They mockingly echoed the assertions that the new show is “Too woke. Hate it.”


I’m not really perplexed or upset that a lot of people don’t like the show. I mean, I never liked anything by David Lynch, but lots of my friends and acquaintances love that stuff. Who am I to argue?

As long as I’m not being badgered or ridiculed about what I enjoy, it’s fine.

I get more confused by complaints from fans about how the skits are fine, but they don’t care about the riffing. Or vice-versa, which is much more common. One without the other for me is unthinkable. :woman_shrugging:


I feel like I also read this rant somewhere. It was very strange. People have a super hard time getting the concept that an actor and their characters are not one in the same. Similarly, it’s incomprehensible to some folks that even if characters get along it doesn’t mean the actors are all buddy buddy off screen. It’s a job like any other in many ways.


Even in the KTMA era, there were folks who didn’t get MST3K, as that voicemail transcript shows.

But you also have to remember…

… the diehard enthusiast MSTies were in full effect during the KTMA era, too, going by this voicemail transcript.


It’s funny, most haters come from the point of view of it being disrespectful to the movie or the art of film or whatever but the only negative interaction I’ve had personally was about the host segments. I had a friend who would sometimes watch MST but would fast forward past anything not in the theater! I think he saw all that stuff as too cheesy or corny or whatever, and I’ll grant you it can be an aquired taste if you didn’t grow up on it, but it’s at least half of the show’s identity! It’s what makes it so special, but I’m sure I don’t need to argue for it’s merits here. :wink:


@herrprofessordoktor Mentions a film in “Movies That Need To Be Riffed” which apparantly, uh… got us a live one. Check this out (from the IMDB Review page for this movie):

I’ve seen complaints about the show before, but this is the first time I’ve seen anyone posit that we’d like every film they do personally if only the show hadn’t come along and ~brainwashed~ us. :woman_shrugging:t3:

What a dickweed.


NSFW. No problem.