Every livestream needs its own White Dot

Outside of MST3K, I watch many things, but my biggest weakness is trashy reality TV. Tonight is the live reunion of the most recent season of Love Is Blind. Or was, as it was supposed to start airing an hour ago, but Netflix crashed, seemingly unprepared for this. It makes me appreciate the folks from Alternaversal and The Gizmoplex that much more. I love how the White Dot that accidentally debuted that night and further brought the community together. I know the premiere of Season 13 was on a smaller scale than what Netflix is doing tonight, but I feel Alternaversal had it sh!t together that much more on that night than Netflix does tonight.

The LIB reunion stream only just started working a couple minutes ago. I don’t remember seeing the White Dot for nearly that long!


Until now I’m not sure I’d ever heard of Love is Blind and yet EVERYONE on Twitter is melting down over this now :laughing: just goes to show I’m the one out of touch!




I’d never heard of it either, but avoid reality TV like the plague… so… highly unlikely to have heard of it.

(This is not in judgement of those who do enjoy it, YKINMKBYKIOK)

I prefer to be as far from reality as I can be when I’m trying to relax after a long day?

Because… Reality sucks?


Ah but the reality is that reality shows are completely unreal.
It’s scripted and manipulated and mostly ridiculous.
That’s why people watch them.

But you are not missing anything at all if you save your free time for other diversions.


I am fully aware of this. This reminds me when someone says they like pro-wrestling and someone else, who thinks they’re being clever, says, “You know it’s all fake, right?”

Am I saying reality TV is like pro-wrestling? Yes, I am. What I’m also saying is that it’s ok to like things, even if others don’t like those same things!


I get that. Being an MST3K fan isn’t the largest of universes


I think this summarizes your point quite well…


Yes, I get that, but reality has enough real drama, stress, and tension, then these shows create artificial drama, stress, and tension… and I’m supposed to be entertained by that?

This is the cooked/blanched spinach of the entertainment world for me? It’s ok that some people enjoy it, I guess? I can’t stand the smell or the texture… and the taste is ruined by not getting past those.

And, I guess the fact that the genre really seemed to gain traction in and after the last writers strike, where networks discovered that they could make reality shows cheeper and cut writing staff costs, productions costs, etc… meh… that part alone still rubs me the wrong way?



I’m just glad that I’m not trapped in a satellite up in space forced to watch em.

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Hang on to your butts. The WGA just voted to authorise another strike if they can’t reach a deal with the Producers Guild by May 1. Networks are already stockpiling scripts and planning more reality/competition shows to fill gaps if necessary.


That’s ok, I live here now.

(Also, we need more rum in the lounge)

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Wow, this might be a bit of an obscure reference even in this crowd? I’d have spelled it “YKINMKATOK” (aka the “kink tomato”).

Unless that’s not what you meant, in which case… ulp.


Both come from the same sentiment, but the one I used seemed to be used more in the Midwest when I was still there, and I saw the version you used mostly online at that time?


Also, more or less than a Cowboy Neal online poll reference?