"Everybody Knows..." (Except When They Don't)

Is Daylight Savings Time really a huge burden on everyone? If so, I’ll entrench my weirdo status by saying, “Not for me.”

I like it. I like the ritual of changing and dusting off the clocks. I like the comforting reprieve of a few extra days of early-morning lightness. It’s all a reminder of time passing and that nothing stays the same forever. Also that while many things are out of our control, a few things are not.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that it became a mini-trend online in the U.S. (around 2005 or so) to proclaim there was something creepy and awful about the word moist. I’ve never gotten this. It’s… just a word. It can apply to your palms when you’re nervous, sure. But it can also apply to delicious cake. WTF is the big freakin’ deal, U.S.A.?! Haven’t we got more interesting things to blow out of proportion? Tsk!

Anyway, in this here thread, share your most contrarian opinion about some supposed truism about some trivial thing. (Food opinions are fine, though we already have a Weird Food thread which is worth reading if you can find it.) Cheers!


“Moist” is one of those words, like “loaf”, that can veer into bizarre territory with little effort.

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That’s what confuses me. How does this criteria not apply to every descriptor in the English language? :thinking:


“I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, ‘…I drank what?’”


I think you’re confused, MSTie. The “Nothing But Drift” thread is down that way. You go about three blocks and then turn left at the Post Office. You can’t miss it. :wink:

Someone somewhere can probably argue that it is happening and every descriptor can be poisoned. They may lack constructive hobbies.

But context clues are a strong catalyst, and some words are just easier to twist. I think that words that fall out of common use also fall into the trap.

“Muggy” and “dank” can sometimes take moist’s place and not leave certain sentences feeling like getting into a windowless van. And, like your cake example, sometimes moist is benign and a good option. I dunno. Language is hard.

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I don’t think that socks with sandals are always a bad thing. Most of the time, sure, but there are times when it’s okay.

I also think that corndogs are sometimes acceptable as food, even though no part of them is technically edible.


If this is too much into “Weird Food” territory I’ll
move it- but I think the food isn’t weird, just the vehemence toward it. There are a bizarre number of anti-pineapple pizza memes, and I don’t get the hate. I like it. Pepperoni is the one that’s gross to me, but I don’t go starting social media threads against it.


Consider also that the mint jelly industry is kept alive by the killing of baby sheep.

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I’m not a fan of pineapple on pizza, but I covered that here:

I’ve enjoyed deep-dish pie with broccoli. In some places that’d probably get you drummed out super-fast. Oh, well…

If the government can change time, then what other cosmic forces does it control?


I missed the whole hate-on-mint-jelly bandwagon, apparently. Probably because I quit tumblr 2-3 years ago.

Regarding the Government, BTW, the best answer is: “More than you’d think, but not as much as they hope.”

I dislike the end of daylight savings time because now it’s pitch dark at five o’clock in the friggen afternoon!


But that’s why it’s called “savings.” Because it’s banked away for your later use. :wink: Hey, things could be worse. This could be Finland. :smiley:

why would anyone hate on mint jelly? it’s delicious, especially on roast lamb… mmmm

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You misunderstand. Nobody was hating mint jelly. They were just pointing out that if you wanted mint jelly to continue then you had to join in on the killing. Sorta like how island princesses are used to control volcano gods.

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Sorry but I must respectfully call this out. There’s no reason why you couldn’t enjoy mint jelly with a Field Roast™, vintage-ly scooped into canned pear halves around said “roast,” if you felt so inclined.

If nobody was hating on it, why is it even being discussed. Stop drifting my thread! I spent like three whole minutes composing it and this aggression will not stand!



I think the time change has gotten to you. Does that convince you that the government willy nilly controlling the forces of nature has negative outcomes?

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No, because the clocks are already correctly reoriented. Check and mate, Plastic Man.

I’m MELTING! MELTINnnnggggg…