Everyone has their price... or a change of heart

I remember Joel saying that everyone has their price when it comes to getting the rights to the elusive classic episodes that have not been released on DVD or streaming. What’s made me think of this?

There have been 9 episodes of Match Game '78 with Valerie Bertinelli that have not aired again since their original run in September of 1978. It appears that these lost episodes will be airing on GSN this week. Perhaps if we wait long enough, the lost episodes currently tied up in rights issues night get resolved.

The stories are that these MG episodes were lost as Bertinelli didn’t want them re-aired because Ed Asner was a jerk during the week. It sounds like Bertinelli had a change of heart and finally allowed for the release of these episodes. It’s amazing that 45 years on there are still cases few and far between where brand new classic television is unearthed.

Here’s to hoping that everyone eventually does have the change of heart and we get those classic episodes from the early seasons.