Experiment #002 Canister Resolution

Very, very minor thing, but I noticed that the video canister for Revenge of the Mysterons in my collection is noticeably lower resolution than any others.


Futurama Fry GIF


Update This issue has been resolved it appears, at least for me.

My video fridge is showing the same resolution problem with that films canister, as well as all the shorts I have EXCEPT Young Mans Fancy and Design for Dreaming.

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Screenshot, please?


It’s a little hard to tell on the yellow title letters, but you can definitely see the difference on the moon logo.


Here’s the same issue as the original poster, plus a Short canister with low res.


I can also see this, on iPad and Mac (both Chrome and Safari) with Experiment 002. It may be more visible on higher density displays like “Retina” and 4K+. I have screenshots also, but the most recently posted one shows this well enough. It’s the whole graphic on that canister, including movie title, but it may be more easily noticed comparing the blurriness of Joel’s face and the MST3K logo in the information strip at the bottom to other canisters in the same screenshot.

It may be that the other, clearer graphics are supplied at 2x resolution, whereas 002 and some others only got created/uploaded at 1x resolution.


I’ve noticed the same issue.

Like the others, the only episode I notice the low-res label on is Revenge of the Mysterons from Mars. Almost all of the labels for shorts have the issue as well.

If it’s any help, I’m using Chrome on a MacBook.