Explain a MST3K episode plot badly.

Uninteresting kids rub elbows with narrator. “Don’t know much about hooking up!!!” “Don’t know about much planning stuff!!!” “Don’t know much about what to do!!!” “Don’t know much about the girl I knew!!!”

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Chore Bandits or My Life as a Drag. No map, no little people, and a 50s Alexa talks over everything.

Middle School to the Rescue!!! It’s a story of some ladies who wow their folks with the help of an announcer.

A weasel-faced nerd watches out for snakes. Caveman there too.


Alfred Hitchcock Presents… March of the Hunched Marionettees.

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The Big Top is Rockerfeller Center at Christmas. All they need is one big tree.

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Dating advice in black and white. What not to do in real life relationships. Coffee, Men in Bags. It all applies.

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