Families that MST3K together

I am really curious to see how many have passed it on to our families. For instance, I am 53 and both my considerably younger siblings and my 34 yo daughter watches. I am hoping to get my new grandson into it (my daughter is getting married so I get a new 7 grandson out of the deal!) What say you all?


First husband introduced me in the early-mid 90s. I have now fully indoctrinated current hubby into MST3K and Rifftrax. =) No kids, so I have no MST3K legacy to pass down…lol.


I dated a girl in college in the late 90s, and she hated it when I first introduced it. We went our separate ways (for various reasons), and when we reconnected in 2012, we gave it another shot (the relationship and MST3K), and both seem to have stuck. We regularly watch the episodes, just saw the Time Bubble Tour when it came through our town, and we’ve been married 8 years. No kids, but our cat sits on the couch and watches whatever we do; we do own all the thumbs in the house, after all.


I wish I could get my daughter into it. She loves industrial and educational shorts and even sometimes cheesy movies, but unriffed. She couldn’t care less about the riffing. She’s getting near Monty Python age, so maybe that one will work out.

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