Family connections

I would like to have met my great-grandparents, they sounded very interesting. In the early part of the 20th century, they both walked across Europe from Hungary and found passage to America. They arrived in New York in the 1920s and ended up joining a political and social group for Hungarian Communists in New York.

Yeah, sounds oddly specific to me too, but this is my family’s story.

Anyway, this group was organized enough to have a budget with a decent amount of money for club activities. As it should, it had a treasurer. This treasurer was a young Hungarian actor who was a hit on Broadway in a major production, but had hopes of movie stardom.

One day, he disappeared, the money left with him, and they never saw him again- until they saw him up on the screen while watching one of the most famous horror films of all time.

I am, of course, talking about Bela Lugosi.

My grandmother told me this story. I don’t know if it’s true, but I want it to be true.

Do you have any family connections to actors, writers, directors, crew members, etc. of MST3K movies?

Oh, and apparently the group was into free love, so my great-grandmother, who was known for her beauty, probably screwed Bela. My father used to joke that he was my real great-grandfather. The problem is my grandmother looked a whole like her father and not at all like Bela Lugosi.

How fortunate! This simplifies everything!


I don’t want to hijack your excellent thread: maybe you should post a thread asking people to make up really dumb fictitious answers to your call for ancdotes. For example:

“My grandmother worked for Mighty Jack during the Q years. Her job was to tell the bad guys that Mighty Jack would stop them.”

“The guy who made The Last Chase was the photographer at my niece’s bat mitzvah.”

“My dad was in a play by the guy who wrote that wacky black and white German flick from Season 10.”

“My dad was the one who scared Wilhelm.”

I’d go on, but I still don’t want to hijack your thread. And those were the best I could come up with. Sigh.


Hey, if that makes for a better thread, hijack away I say.

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I’d love to have some sort of distant familial connection to Ed Wood.
We share the same surname, and I know my Grandfather’s family came from New York, which is where Ed Jr. was born. Unfortunately, I don’t really know much else about the Wood side of the family tree, and it’s a pretty boring common name. (I know a hell of a lot more about the Gimblin/Snow side of the family)


Na, truth is better than fiction, especially with a story that great from FlyingSquid. I wish I had something as facinating. I am related to someone who died at the Alamo, and who has a city named after them in Texas, and one who played FB for the NFL Cardinals in the 70s. But nothing, that I know of, with an MST- connection.