Fanficisode: Riffing on The Incredible Petrified World (Voting closed)

Very true. I placed a couple riffs at 00:56:01 and 00:56:03 (Youtube timestamp) that are fleeting visual gags. a couple of seconds off and they would leave anyone scratching their head. We will have to be time flexible when considering voting.

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For the SRT files, the timing can be tweaked / adjusted. For the audio track, If I’m the one doing it I’ll probably be clipping and massaging placement and speed anyway, since that’s an option.

Voting is more of a concern. Tens of voters will have to compensate for slight variations on each riff. Really, this is why I added column B. I wonder if I should try to normalize the placement of the riffs on the timeline.

I’ve tried some new formatting on the Google sheet. I coloured the line (or event) in the movie, and extended a coloured bar across the sheet to indicate where to put your reactions to it. Forgive me, but I also tried to move the riffs to the correct position. It also indicates if a riff is long enough to run into another segment.

It’s looking a lot like a round of Jackbox games! For example:

“Some fish have rows of lights, perhaps these are signals… signs of recognition.”

a) [Joel] …landing lights.
b) [Crow] Perhaps they are making a left turn
c) Jonah: Hey bro, I totally pimped out my fish with LED strip lights! It’s a hellah chick magnet!
d) Or just a fish rave

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Mentioning Jackbox has got me thinking… What is everybody’s thoughts on voting? Do we still want to rank each riff gold/silver/bronze individually, or actually try to go for more of a Jackbox format where riffs around the same timecode square off against each other? The are pros and cons to both.

In general, I’m still in favor of individual voting, where each riff gets judged on it’s own merits and it’s ultimately up to the co-directors to weigh everything up and decide what they feel works best depending on the scenario. I think it’s important that we be able to tell how much people really liked the jokes, and get a sense for whether two jokes at the same timecode were about equally good, and whether the top ranked choice was a true “comedy gold” moment we definitely want to keep or merely the “least mediocre” of what was available. Having this data can help the co-directors make tough calls like whether or not to kill off 4 shorter jokes to let a longer mini-skit play through, or whether there’s a viable backup choice if the preferred joke just doesn’t quite work because we’ve already got three other very similar jokes close together in the script, so it’s wiser to go with a silver or bronze joke in that instance because most people still enjoyed it and it’s not a repeat.

The downside of individual riff voting is that we are going to be asking people to click on and individually rate approximately 1500 to 2000 jokes. That’s a pretty tall ask, and I’m not sure if we can get enough people willing to participate and scroll all the way through our experiment to the very end to make a properly weighted decision.

On the other hand, Jackbox style multiple choice voting where you pick whichever riff seems the funniest response to a given cue point in the script would be way faster for voters to get through, and probably net us a better cross-section of opinion because more people will make it all the way through to the end, but it does reduce the overall information that the co-directors will have to work with, especially when it comes to how good a joke really was because a 100% approval rating looks identical regardless of whether it was a legitimately hilarious gag or just up against nothing.

If we wanted to try to do a hybrid between the two formats, we could try blocking things out by timecode and doing Jackbox style voting, but instead of only marking one choice, allow people to rank their 1st, 2nd, or 3rd choices (if they want to).

This would slightly speed up the voting process, but not by that much, since aside from the first theater segment, there usually aren’t more than three competing riffs at any given moment anyways. Though it would give voters some leeway as to whether they wanted to take the time to rank competing riffs 1, 2, or 3, or just speed through marking 1’s for whichever they feel the best riffs were.

I suppose it also depends on what’s going to be easiest to do from the technical side of things. I have no clue how to do either form of voting from within a google sheet, so the simple answer may just be “We vote however @MyWy knows how to let us vote.”


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I tend to agree with you here. I feel like the issue will ultimately be how to have multiple votes on a single sheet without everything becoming jumbled up or things being deleted or perhaps even changed.

What if each of us was responsible for “ranking” another riffer? Just do a randomizer with the names and columns and see who gets what. Let them go through those riffs and “medal” the riffs they like through the document. Instead of gold, silver, bronze for each row, you do some sort of colored system for ALL of their riffs with gold being absolutely hilarious, silver being chuckle inducing, and bronze being everything else that is either mediocre and needing punch-ups or just meh.

I also think whoever randomizes the voting should send it to only the person doing the judging. I don’t want to know who scored mine because it’ll cause me to be less in my feelings about how things were ranked.

This is a less than ideal solution because we all have our biases. I happen to really enjoy cantankerous crow and I have written some specifically with him in mind. But I know I could always get someone who really hates that style and they could reject a perfectly good joke, at least in my mind, whereas someone else would get it and give it gold instead of bronze.

Honestly, I’d also be fine with being less open with voting and going the representative democracy route with the elected co-directors putting together the best, most cohesive project possible. Just my two cents.

Me too. It would take extra work to convert to a Jackbox format, and it doesn’t always fit the situation. Plus individual rating allows for better transplanting of riffs to other areas.

But there are still some places where it ends up being exactly like a Jackbox round anyhow :slight_smile:

:heart_eyes_cat: What? Wait. “Downside”? I suppose to some. We should milk us (the voters) for all we’re worth. We can compensate for people who only have the time and comedical fortitude for a part of the movie by suggesting different starting points based on XXXXX. Example: First letter of your username. D starts on 1b. G starts on 2a. M starts on 2b.

Gold, silver, bronze is better for transplanting riffs. It also allows the voter to choose to go through by person instead of by time (for everyone at once). Mixing two methods will be a headache (“1st” might be the best of the bronze, or it might be a gold). I would take it if that’s what appeared, but I wouldn’t want to suggest or encourage it.

Having low expectations is the pathway to happiness. Seriously, though, this is going to boil down to adding a comment to a cell, so it can get nuts. I’m thinking a simple G, S or B, with an optional suggestion to improve the riff.

Mob voting has advantages over a single person ranking another person’s riffs: More votes in total leads to a more universally “correct” rating; no one person has power over one other person (even if the grader is unknown to the riffer, the opposite is not necessarily true); some people want to rate them all (me! me!)


Okay, so I think my disconnect here is how the riff voting will happen in the sheet. Is there going to be new columns for placing the medals? Will we each get our version of the spreadsheet to place our medals and you collate them elsewhere? How will this voting system actually take place? In your mind, at least.

Also, I’d assume I would just go down your column of riffs and grade your riff with the dialogue/scene as opposed to gold/silver/bronze of you vs the other riffs for that same place, right?

I voted on your riff on sheet 1a, column H, row 10. If you move your mouse over it, the comment should pop up for you to see. Try adding your own, and you can see how multiple votes look.

The sheet will be locked for editing after Aug. 14, but commenting will still be allowed. This is what the Google sheet offers, so it’s the low-hanging fruit.

You could go column-by-column or row-by-row with the medal method. Each medal is independent of other riffs, and is based on how hard you laugh. Easy. Reactive. No big downside to rating some and not others (whether in the same column or row).

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Just finished riffing the whole movie. 654 jokes in total!

I’m afraid my last section has one naughty joke and one really naughty joke. Both of which are within the bounds of some of the lines Trace would occasionally sneak in during the classic show. But umm… I’ll leave it up to the rest of you to decide whether or not they’re appropriate to keep in. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh, and uhh… looks like the stats are broken again. I swear it wasn’t me.

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I’ll fix it soon. I’m breaking it daily while I reformat to align the riffs.


1a: 4.0 :large_blue_circle:; 1b: 3.4 :green_circle:; 2a: 2.2 :yellow_circle:; 2b: 2.1 :yellow_circle:; 3a: 2.2 :yellow_circle:; 3b: 2.1 :yellow_circle:; 4a: 2.4 :green_circle::yellow_circle:; 4b: 2.1 :yellow_circle:

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I think going GSB can help with weighting the jokes. Like there are five riffs for one moment, I may think two are gold star material, one is kinda good, two leave me cold. I add no medal to the cold one, bronze (1pt) to the okay one, 3pts to gold. Then if a few people absolutely love one joke that others maybe don’t get the reference, but a whole bunch of people are just meh on another option, the directors can look at vote count vs weight when considering a riff.

They also don’t have to be exclusive to a moment in my opinion. If there are three great jokes for a moment, you can endorse all 3 strongly in support. That gives us more data for choosing the best riff, but also seeing where we may have a lot of material, but maybe not great material, so we can try and punch it up.

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Personally, I’d rather medal a joke based on the joke alone. If there is one moment with 5 riffs and I think all 5 are golden, they’re getting gold medals from me. Sort the other stuff out later. Heck, there are so many diving and spelunking scenes we could probably space out all the good ones. I’ll probably note as I go through which ones I think would work in other spots. I will be voting by column not by row. I think that gives me a better shot at judging the content of the singular joke rather than how it stacks up against others of the same time slot. That’s just my opinion.

I’m really, really interested to see how this thing turns out. Going to be really fascinating to see unfold.


5 more days of riffing until the script closes, and we start voting!

The Google sheet now has a new feature to let you find riffs more easily. The timeline is highlighted whenever someone has started a riff at that point.


I see @griff17matt is already trying out the voting. I hope you don’t miss any new riffs. How does commenting to vote feel? I see you got the medals :1st_place_medal: :2nd_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal: to work - that’s great. It looks like we’ll be adding :neutral_face: no medal as well. Okay, it’s a face - I’m not sure if it can be translated to fit the medal theme. :reminder_ribbon: Ribbon with no medal?

Anyhow, we’ll post instructions for everyone to vote on Saturday night, when the Google sheet closes for riffing.

Riff density update (Aug. 13):
1a: 4.1 :large_blue_circle:; 1b: 3.4 :green_circle:; 2a: 3.0 :green_circle:; 2b: 2.7 :green_circle::yellow_circle:; 3a: 3.0 :green_circle:; 3b: 3.0 :green_circle::yellow_circle: ; 4a: 2.7 :yellow_circle:; 4b: 2.2 :yellow_circle:

What do the yellow circles mean? It’s not a problem, really. It actually means we have pretty consistent coverage, but we only have two riffs to choose from, on average. If better riffs go unused from other segments, we might be able to move them here, too. So we’re in pretty good shape!


I haven’t has as much time to write as I had hoped, but I am happy with the quality of what I have contributed. I’m looking forward to voting and polishing things up.

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I like it but I dropped the “congrats” “great joke” “lol” commentary pretty fast. I think I’m just going to put the medals in there and if I think there could be a punch up for it for the co-Directors I’ll note that as well. I’ve only done the first segment and I doubt I’ll do more than that before voting officially starts, but I wanted to get a feel for it. Do you happen to know what the shortcut is for the medal emoji’s? I had to put them in a notepad doc and copy/paste them in whenever I came across a joke to medal.

@MyWy, Thanks for all you’re doing to get the mundane inner-workings…err…working. A thankless but imperative job if there ever was one. If you ever find yourself in or near Raleigh, NC, let me know and I’ll buy you a drink of your choice, friend.


There are options:

  • do what you did and copy from notepad as needed
  • copy all the medals at once and then paste them all and delete what we don’t want
  • right click and select emoji from the menu, or use a shortcut to enter an emoji (I use a Chromebook, so it’s Shift+Search+Space)
  • just use text, like “(G)” or “gold”

I haven’t been to Raleigh for 6 years. I used to have some re-located family out in Henderson, but they’re gone now. Still, you never know :wink:

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Given that there are 18 riff columns at the moment, it’s going to be a lot easier to vote if we try to consolidate that down to maybe 5 or 6 anonymous columns or whatever it takes to eliminate all the unnecessary dead space and get things down to where it’s possible to see all the riffs simultaneously side-by-side on the same page without having to scroll left and right (and also extend them down so you can read the full text, since I notice a lot of riffs are getting cut off).

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