Fanniest fan test

So you think you’re MST3K’s biggest fan, huh?

Well how many episodes can you name from memory? Can you name them all? Can you do it in order (both by air date and by episode number)?

Don’t go naming them here. The idea is to reveal how many you think you could name if you really had to, without getting to study up before the task is sprung upon you.


Having watched Werewolf just last night you have reminded me of this riff


I’d guess I could name between 50-60% of the episodes without looking any up, and of those I could put maybe a third into the correct season, but that’s it. My brain ain’t what it used to be.


I could probably recite most of them in order, at least from 1-10. KTMA would be harder and I’ve only watched 11 a few times, but because I almost always watch the episodes in order, I think I could do most of them with only a few errors.

However, I don’t think that makes me the biggest fan. I just have a brain wired that way. I don’t have any posters or toys or anything like that. I’ve never been to a live show and I’ve never watched an episode when it was first aired.


Remembering and doing things in order is not my strong point. That said, I think I could give you a scattershot list of about half the series. Don’t hold me to that though.


I can name at least one of their albums and five of their songs so yeah, I’m pretty sure that makes me a super fan.

… Wait, what was the question again?


Right now, I bet I could get to at least 75%.

Of course, I’m really old. So if you took away the internet for a week and then asked me again, that number would most likely plummet big-time. :o

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The worse your memory, the more enjoyable it is to rewatch episodes! It’s like watching for the first time!

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