Favorite B-List Media

Does anyone have any suggestions for good B-list material? Something (movies, shows, whatever) thats so bad its good, or so bad it’s - at the very least- intriguing.
I’ll go first- the show Cyberkids is something that baffles me since I saw it. Terrible kids show with all the right levels of cheesy that absolutely did not age well in a LOT of aspects. I’m linking Wayneradiotv’s archived stream of the first six episodes because the commentary is…a good buffer :sweat_smile: They’ve only done the first six episodes though!

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Some (more) I suggest are Devil Girl From Mars, which features an imposing tall lady with mind control powers that I’ve come to refer to as Darth Judy, and all the sci-fi movies of Italian director Alfonso Brescia, which are what scientists term “a hoot.”


Mom and Dad Save the World. Went in expecting high grade Velveeta, and was rewarded with a surprisingly funny high grade cheese product. Still think of the line “I’m an idiot, and I’m the smartest person on the planet.” when dealing with customers. Yellow Beard and Cabin Boy are good runner ups, and I’d be remiss for not mentioning Erik the Viking.


Ah, the late great Hazel Court.

There’s a book from 1971 (?) called The Late Great Creature which is about a Corman-esque director making a film based on something like Poe—I mean, it almost reads like a roman a clef, except the central hero is more of a Lon Chaney or Max Schreck than a Vincent Price.

I am convinced that the female lead is inspired by Hazel Court.


The Raven, part of Roger Corman’s run of Edgar Allen Poe adaptations, except this one is actually mostly played for laughs, including Peter Lorre wearing a goofy bird suit in the title role.


Depends a lot on what grabs your fancy.

The '80s is just a wealth of material, by itself. I dunno about “so bad it’s good”, but I still enjoy Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Doom, Nice Girls Don’t Explode and the occasional slasher.

For more modern flicks, Resident Evil: Retribution is one that laps itself—I mean, we were literally howling by the time that movie reached its climax. (Then I later learned the Red Letter Media guys had had the exact same reaction.)

Actually, around the same time, there was a movie called Area of the Street Fighter which is like Miami Connection, if that film had been made in East Germany. That’s a kind of amazing one.


Anyone ever see the Scott Bakula movie, I-man?