Favorite host sketch? Favorite Host?

I’m new here and was wondering what everyone’s favorite host skit/sketch was?
Mine is from episode 207 “Wild Rebels” where Joel and the gang are talking about the new Wild Rebels cereal and the prize packed in each box:

“Hey I got a sawed off shotgun!”
“I got a pool cue with a leather strap!”

My favorite host is probably Joel because he was just so mellow and he was host when I got started on MST3K. Mike was great too though although I gotta say I’m really liking Jonah a lot.

On a personal note I just ordered the Season 13 pass. Can’t wait for more MST3K!!!


Love that one. They’re Wild Rebels, crunchy. fruity rebels …

Pod People where they are reenacting the objects flying across the room. Tom corkscrewing everywhere ends me.

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Thank you! That was great to see again!

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All’s I know is I want my chicken puppet back!