Favorite Live Show Performance

Many of us had the privilege of seeing MST3K live at least once. A lucky few of us more than once. We know the special experience of sharing the laughs and love with an audience filled with MSTies - it’s something you just can’t get at home.

So what was your favorite movie and/or personal actor performance in one of the live shows?

For me, my favorite movie (which I hope they’ll consider putting into a regular season of they never recorded any of the live performances) was definitely “Argoman, The Fantastic Superman”! This movie is so full of 60s cheese, from the hero’s ridiculous powers and weakness, to random naked lady, to…

So. Many. Robes.

It’s an instant classic.

Now for performance, I have to give a tie to Emily Marsh as Emily Crenshaw, and I’m excited to see her on the show proper, she’s got so much earnestness and positive energy!

And Yvonne Freese as Mega Synthia - she had so much raw power and EVIL energy in her performance, and totally committed from start to finish!


The whole live crew seems AMAZING.

Sadly, MST3K Live hasn’t deemed Las Vegas worthy yet. :sob: :sob: :sob:


I’ve been to plenty of RiffTrax Live performances (viewing remotely from my local theater), but only one MST3K Live show. Cheesy Movie Circus, “No Retreat, No Surrender,” late 2019, New Orleans.

Unfortunately, the sound system was not awesome, and I had a remarkably self-absorbed family behind me who thought the theater was their living room where they were free to make their own lame-ass jokes and talk among themselves. So I missed a decent share of the riffs.

That said, the riffs I did hear were great. I really enjoy the live cast, and the tour’s puppetry-centric host segments really had the “feel” of a Joel-era MST3K episode.

Looking forward to seeing a full-blown for-reals experiment featuring this cast.


That’s the experience I had when I saw a show in DC. I enjoyed the show immensely, but I had to work way too hard to understand any of the dialog in the film.


I do go to see almost every Rifftrax Live in theaters, and love those experiences; even though there are enough local theaters showing them to dilute down the audience levels, there are still always enough people to laugh and enjoy with.

If MST3K Live would similarly broadcast to cities they won’t come to, I’d gladly show up to experience them that way.


Probably not to cinemas but if they could find a way to internationally broadcast for us non Americans too…

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I suppose that would depend on their distributor, but I don’t see why not.

I’d take seeing them in the cinemas over not seeing them, but what would you prefer as a broadcast venue?

Rifftrax Live uses Fathom Events as a distributor and broadcast list to the eastern US/Canada and time-delayed (by 3 hrs) to the western half of the US/Canada. I can’t see any reason why MST3K Live’s theoretical distributor couldn’t do the same thing in other regions on time delay the following day. :+1:

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Same. I really hope we eventually get Argoman as an episode.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a live show (bad chain of events preventing me from going). I still think very fondly of the Cinematic Titanic shows from years ago, just because that was a time when MST3K seemed like it might be gone for good, and CT was like our secret cult trying to keep it alive.

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I really liked the Deathstalker 2 show. Like others mentioned, the acoustics in the room were not 100% ideal so I wish I could have better heard the singing riffs of the theme song that they did.

I remember part of it… “You are not Rick Flair, Deathstalker!” and I wish I could remember more of it!


The 30th Anniversary Tour’s The Brain. I’d pay top dollar for a rewatchable version of that.


Argoman, hand down. Not just the funniest live show but one of the funniest MST3Ks of all time – top 5 easily.

I’ve also seen Circus of Horrors and Deathstalker 2 which I enjoyed very much, but nothing compares to Argoman.



Deanna Rooney as the adorable Dr. St. Phibes was a real standout for me when they did The Brain, and I loved the character as it appeared in The Gauntlet. I hope we see a lot more of her.


A few years ago, we had a perfect storm: MST3K Live on Wednesday (the Watch Out for Snakes tour), and The Mads Are Back on both Thursday (Glen or Glenda?) and Friday (Walk the Dark Street). It was epic. I discovered only after I took my seat in the theater that I had plunked myself one row ahead and two seats to the right of where the Mads themselves were sitting to do their commentary, so I also got to hear them stifling giggles at each others’ ad libs.

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I went to the Baltimore Circus show in 2019 it was radical and legit .

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i was fortunate enough to see the tour with Jonah and Joel in NYC in 2019, back to back shows in the same day (even had the same exact seats!). The trip was centered around going to that show specifically but made a few day trip out of it. The experience was awesome.


No Retreat, No Surrender in Bloomington, IL was my only live experience, and it genuinely was a dream experience.

The show was great, the movie was awful, and the laughs I shared w my wife and son (even if we don’t necessarily remember the riffs) will be with us forever.

Cannot wait for them to come back, and showcase more ridiculous movies and great sketch-y bits!


My favorite ‘on the road’ story was during the 30th Anniversary tour. We were in St. Louis and we were playing in a theater that was connected to a larger arena (eEnterprise Center). Playing in the arena the same night? Elton John.

We started a little earlier than he did. As soon as our show was wrapped and we came backstage, our tour manger scooped us up, took us through the tunnels of the building and right out into the arena where we have great seats for the final 30 mins of Elton’s show.

Probably not on topic for this thread but that was one of my favorite memories while on tour.


My lone MST3K live show (because it’s the only one that’s come my city) was No Retreat No Surrender, and it was a riot. So, so funny. I’m a Bruce Lee fan and that stuff was incredibly funny, MST really got into the groove with that much better than Rifftrax did with their version.

This was my introduction to Emily and she was personable and funny, a real stand-out (and she riffed a bit, so that was cool). The skits with Crow were hilarious… his running safety song gag, and the bit with the unicycle (“I’m doing it, and without anybody’s help!”)

The audience was into it, and I had a blast… all told, it was a great night. (though there were a few bumps in the road before hand – getting a call that there was a mistake on my ticket and they need to reseat me… then the shows original date was cancelled due to snow. You’ll never get over our passes in a storm, and you should heed Crow’s safety songs and not even try. But hey, they rescheduled and it all worked out in the end).

Oh, and Argoman? I saw that crazy movie over a decade ago and thought it would be perfect for a riffing - and after hearing so many positives about the live show, I would love to see it featured as a regular episode.