Favorite Mamie Van Doren Episode: "Untamed Youth" or "Girls Town"?

Untamed Youth definitely has its moments as an episode, and Josh was really cooking in that one, but Girls Town is my pick. The movie is just so goofy, Mel Torme playing a thug, the disturbed girl in love with Paul Anka, the fact that Torme and Anka are both in the movie but only Anka sings. What do you think?


Girls Town - Mamie, Mel, Paul Anka, Dick Contino, The Platters…I just think that there’s a lot to enjoy about this experiment.


I like Untamed Youth, it’s one of season 1’s finest… but season 1 can’t compare to top drawer season 6. Girls Town is among my top 25 experiments.

But hey, let’s make it a poll.

  • Untamed Youth
  • Girls Town

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Untamed Youth. It was one of the first episodes of the show which I saw. So it has stuck with me ever since… Even if the cast doesn’t like the episode.


This. Girls Town for all the reasons @FreemanLowell mentioned, and more.

It just feels like it has a whole lot more going on and going for it. Ignoring that both titles are in black-and-white, it feels like a much more colorful movie, a livelier film, and a cinematic work with a much more interesting cast. Granted, it’s a shame that Dick Contino had way less screen time here than in Daddy-O, but it’s still a lot of fun.

Now, that’s not to take anything away from Untamed Youth, not at all. It’s a fine episode in its own right.

But it feels like all the riffing and running gags and stuff were more on point in Girls Town.

And it bears repeating: it has The Platters, and that’s enough to push it over the top alone.


Girls Town takes it for me, but it’s a tough call. Mamie gets to be more theatrical and musical in Untamed Youth, but her confidence and brassiness in Girls Town puts her over the top.

She’s a treat in whatever she’s in, regardless!


Someone was talking yesterday about the higher level of “ick” in Untamed Youth . Also, its musical numbers aren’t as good as Girls Town.

(Paul Anka is great when he sings “Diana.” Fight me.)


He doesn’t sing “Diana” in Girls Town, does he?


No. More’s the pity. (As long as I’m putting myself on the line here, I’ll say that Steve Alaimo (Wild Rebels), given decent material and sound, was also a credible singer.)


Well, Crow loves Alaimo’s album, so he has that going for him.

I’ll grant that “Diana” is one of Anka’s better songs. I definitely would have enjoyed that more than the 20-chorus version of “Lonely Boy” that we got.


Definitely “Girls Town” for me too. Love the theme song during the opening credits and Mike and the 'bots doing girly screams at the appropriate parts.


Yeah, Girls Town.

Untamed Youth is great and disgusting, but it’s just horrid. Some sleazy ranchero in a two bit Law West of Pecos who likes to tickle some strange. Not a good premiss

Girls Town has the Velvet Fog, and Paul Anka and all that. It’s not a good movie, but it has its moments, I guess.


Gratuitous Mel Torme’ song break:

(I own this LP. Found it in very good condition in a Vancouver, WA record store, for all of one dollar.)


How do you make a movie with Mel Torme in it, and not have him sing!?! And they had plenty of Paul Anka singing. It just boggles the mind!


I bet they were under the mistaken impression that he couldn’t do the style of music they wanted. But I’ve heard his version of “Comin’ Home, Baby.” So I know that’s nonsense.

:woman_shrugging:t3: Hollywood… what can ya’ do?


I have to go with Girls Town, just for the higher quality music.


While Girls Town is undoubtedly the better movie, as pure entertainment, I like Untamed Youth more. It’s less annoying moralizing for one thing.


I have to go with Girls Town.

It starts off with a fantastically catchy song over a crazy opening credits sequence. Even the non-MST3k fans in my household have stopped dead in their tracks to watch that crazy driving!

It has Anka and Torme.

The riffing is top-notch.

And… since I was taught by tough-as-hell nuns from kindergarten through 8th grade, I still have a soft spot for tough-as-hell nuns.:sweat_smile:


Untamed youth for me. I think the movie as a whole is better.

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