Favorite Mst3k host segment(s)

What’s your favorite host segment ? New or Old?
For me the opening host segment of 623 The Amazing Transparent Man is one of the best. The bottled up crow, the Mads bed and breakfast Inn, Mike & bots dressed up in local color,and of course it all falls off the rails at the end.


Dissecting Escape (ie, The Pina Colada Song) in Monster-a-Go-Go. The crew has noted that they deliberately didn’t connect the host segments to the movie at all on this one, and this is so clearly just one person on the team who’d been haboring this hatred of the song for years and took the opportunity to let it all spill out through the Bots’ mouths. “It doesn’t make the hurt go away!”


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There’s so much going on in that sketch. It really shows off their puppetry skills.

The whole zucchini/throw pillow, throw pillow/zucchini saga is also a quality product.

Oh, and I have a soft spot for Cowboy Mike’s Red Hot Ricocheeeeet BBQ Sauce.

And, well, you know, I could keep going on forever like this.


If you’re looking for recommendations, here are a couple of pretty long lists:


Noh GIF by Praat mar Frysk


Also, note how Mike manages to fix the camera with a cold, creepy stare throughout the whole “llama” sketch, never blinking once.


I now call that song “The Ballad Of Rick And Julie” because of this host segment. One of their best for sure.


I love the “I Accuse My Parents” segment where J&TB diagnose what’s wrong with Jimmy. “Hey, there’s ‘stupid’! Really big!”


Wild Rebels Cereal.

There are so many brilliant host segments, so many to choose from, I’m not sure I’d be able to adequately explain why this one is my favorite. But it is. The energy! The lyrics! The commercial format! It cracks me up every single time. It’s hilarious.


Love, love, love the Noh Theatre sketch!

My absolute favorite is probably the wormhole sketch in Prince of Space, though. The chicken puppet, the fact that Gypsy is ahead of them all, everything.

A close second is the Fugitive Alien medley. “I love Ken; he is my sweet friend and I love him.”

An equally close third would be the “Previously on the Satellite of Love” sketch that opened the Deadly Bees episode. “More broccoli?”

An equally close fourth (last one, I promise) is the host sketch where Crow is speaking off camera to Mike. “Ah, my friend the squeegee! I love you.”


The same can be said about the Love, American Style sketch from The Creeping Terror. In the Shout Factory DVD extras, Jim Mallon expressed his distaste for that show, which came from it regularly cropping up in the KTMA syndicated rerun packages.


One of my favorites is from Time Chasers. I love the chat Pearl and Mike have. Pearl talking about how it’s supposed to get down to absolute zero, so that’s why she always wears a sweater. She calls Crow “Art”, and they talk about why she’s so evil. Everything about it is just perfect.


Crow dancing/stripping for Tom in Girl in Gold Boots and Mike’s absolutely horrified reaction when Crow strips and throws his tiny gold bikini at him.

I laugh ridiculously hard at that every time I see it.

Equally good is Brain Guy go go dancing for Pearl and the Mad Scientist at the end of the episode. Brilliant.

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For my significant other (she is only a semi-MSTie) the “Servo Men’s Academy Choir” in “Starfighters” is an absolute favorite. The pieced together lyrics of the song (We really move our tail for you!) and the wonderful precision of the movements of the Servo Choir get her – and me! – every time.

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Crow’s monologue about playing Dog and Bear with Servo at the beginning of the Prince of Space episode makes me howl with laughter every time.

“And I tried a savage, feral roar, but alas, my force was spent and I died! Then, Servo took it too far.”