Favorite of the Gizmoplex Vault Picks: Round 3

In Round 1, Teenagers from Outer Space continues to hold a wisp-thin lead over Outlaw of Gor.

In Round 2, Space Mutiny is enjoying a Big McLargeHuge number of votes over Time Chasers.

And now, let’s get our votes going for Round 3!

In this new six-way battle of classic episodes, which title in the May vault collection stands out as your favorite? Which offering brings the biggest laughs and the greatest comfort? Whose cuisine will reign supreme?!

Favorite of the Gizmoplex Vault Picks: Round 3
  • King Dinosaur
  • Gamera
  • Pod People
  • The Killer Shrews
  • The Beginning of the End
  • Werewolf

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No contest for me. Ludlow, IL had it coming!



Easy, Pod People, with Werewolf a close second.


It has to be The Killer Shrews as it was my first episode watched back in the summer of 92! Watched it in Wildwood NJ while on vacation there from Bucks County because we didn’t have Comedy Central yet back at home. I was hooked immediately.

I remember getting guff from my friends because they wanted to go out and have fun on a Saturday night on the Boardwalk, whilst my comedy nerd ass wants to watch robots poking fun at Roscoe P Coltrane.


From Pod People:


#1: Beginning of the End (8 of 10) is the best of this group without question. Movie is basically watchable while still being silly, and the riffing is top-notch from start to finish.

#2: Pod People (7 of 10) has some really good host segments and some of the best riffs around, but sadly the movie itself is empty and dull in a lot of places and it pulls the episode down a little bit.

#3: Gamera (6.5 of 10) has to come in third. Iconic first movie in the Gamera MST collection, it is not the best MST outing but the movie is good and there’s some solid riffing in place.

#4: Killer Shrew (6 of 10) comes in just behind Gamera on this list. Good riffs and a ridiculous premise but such a plodding script and low-to-no-action pacing make it a tougher viewing than others.

#5: Werewolf (4 of 10). I know some people really like this one, but sorry … aside from the bad accent of the female lead there is really nothing to like about this episode. It’s pacing is worse than Killer Shrew, and the riffing is overall of even lower impact. I consider this to be one of MST’s weakest entries period. It gets 4 out of 10 and only just barely gets that for “Paul you is a warhwulf” as a memorable line (but it’s not even a RIFF).

#6 is King Dinosaur (4 of 10). Boring movie. Merely OK riffs. It gets 4 out of 10 because of the amusing short before the movie “X Marks the Spot”.


Pick my favorite?!?!?!?! It’s Mutual of Omaha’s Wildly Ridiculous Kingdom Month here at MST3k and I have to pick just ONE?!?!?!

…OK, fine. But only because I’m from Chicago. :cricket:


It’s a sadistic choice of savings at MENARDS!!! :smiley:


Cancel my vote! My new favorite thing, in the universe, ever, is the “Synthia Selects” bumper.



I hope that these are archived in some way, shape, or form, because they’re utterly precious.


I mean, c’mon. National treasure, y’all.


Oh sweet, they have new introductions (and outros)?

Just watched one, so very cool. Thanks for those Gizmoplexers, you are the best!


Rebecca Hanson as Synthia as vault host, is as hilarious as Mike as Jack Perkins as MST-Hour host.

I love the changing text at the bottom of the names. :laughing:

And Ozu? You rock Jonah!


From The Killer Shrews:

Look. As someone with a sweet tooth, I still have standards. I refuse to drink something that’s WAY too sweet!


They do, and they’re great! :smiley:

There’s even a special guest for each episode!

As follows:

-Emily offers some thoughts on The Killer Shrews
-Servo chimes in on King Dinosaur
-Jonah talks about Gamera
-GPC weighs in on Werewolf
-Crow joins Synthia for Pod People
-Emily comes back for The Beginning of the End

And it’s all some great fun!


This a bazillion times over. This is what makes the Gizmoplex experience even more special!

The fun with subtitles is a SCREAM. I especially love the ones for The Beginning of the End.

FOR REAL :smiley:

I’m familiar with those films mentioned, and I grinned from ear to ear over how they were brought into the conversation!


Pesky Critters, another great potential band name.


Every single one a gold-plated classic episode… It was soooo hard to pick a favorite, but Beginning of the End is such a classic 50s B-movie, really the bread and butter of MST3K. That said, Killer Shrews is just a peach of a film… it just don’t play Dixieland Jazz…


I didn’t vote for The Killer Shrews, but I promise to try to change my vote by yelling at my phone next time I’m drunk.


Hey! What does a friend to all children have to do to get a vote up in here?