Favorite 'out of print' episodes?

Hi everyone! Who has all-time favorite eps that aren’t available any longer? Two of my faves—It Conquered The World and The Amazing Colossal Man—are sadly nowhere to be found on streaming. These might be my two favorite episodes ever, so I’m pretty bummed. Anyone else have a long lost fave they pine for? PLEASE SHARE MY PAIN lol :slight_smile:


Godzilla vs. Megalon, good thing I bought the original Vol. 10 DVD set when I did.


You ask me this question, I’m only ever gonna have one answer:


Besides The Final Sacrifice, I would dearly love to see The Thing That Couldn’t Die and Soultaker back in the public eye because I love those episodes to bits.

And honestly, it drives me nuts that we have War of the Colossal Beast but not The Amazing Colossal Man. Gah!

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Vote is for Amazing Colossal Man. That made me a MSTie because it actually had it was great, and even threw in a sketch with the Big Guy.
But let’s not forget Fire Maidens with the Terror of Timmy (and Joel actually expecting Movie Sign for a change). Why is that not available, though?


The Deadly Bees. It’s such a fun episode and had it hard following after the glory of Werewolf.

“What a beautiful room!”
Servo: Did you paint it with your own blood?

…but I do have to admit that I have, shall we say, personal copies of most of the episodes that aren’t available to purchase.


Rocketship X-M is a favorite for many reasons including the introduction of Frank and the endless Sea Hunt riffs, but it also has one of my favorite all-time riffs:

Lady: Oh, are you immune?

Lloyd: No, I’m Lloyd. That the mune.


Fire Maidens had a great concept with Timmy but man is that movie a slog with the endless dance sequences.



I have them all on disc (either homemade or commercial releases) and have watched them so often it’s hard to wrap my mind around out of print… “But no, it’s there, right in my bookshelf.”

Final Sacrifice would top my list, but I have the official release, so I’m okay there. Same with Godzy vs Meg, Thing That Wouldn’t Die and Soultaker…

But among those that never got an official disc?

Yeah, I’d kill for a slick looking copy of Fire Maidens. It might be a dull movie, but the riffing is out of this world.

Attack of the the Eye Creatures and Terror from the Year 5000 are good ones too.

But my favorite ‘never been officially released’ episode is…


Just for a helpful list, here’s what’s NEVER been officially released either on VHS or DVD.

  • Rocketship X-M
  • Godzilla vs the Sea Monster
  • It Conquered the World
  • Fire Maidens of Outer Space
  • Attack of the the Eye Creatures
  • Terror from the Year 5000
  • I Was a Teenage Werewolf
  • The Deadly Bees
  • The Space Children

Streaming but no physical media

  • Quest of the Delta Knights

VHS but no DVD, currently OOP

  • The Amazing Colossal Man

Anyone want to tackle a list for the disc/streaming out of prints?


He learned almost too late that he forgot about that episode…


We’ve all been ignoring The Space Children and it’s going to wipe the smile right off Uncle Fester’s face.


Learn all about it tonight on Biography!


I love San Francisco international. I have it on a USB drive along with all other episodes but the quality is kind of bad.


@Ansible posted his list of no-longer-availables last year in this post.

He listed these episodes as previously sold on DVD but no longer:

  • 0212 Godzilla vs Megalon
  • 0802 The Leech Woman
  • 0910 The Final Sacrifice
  • 1001 Soultaker
  • 1012 Squirm (with short: A Case of Spring Fever)
  1. Godzilla vs. Megalon. Zero question about it and anyone who disagrees is provably WRONG! :slight_smile: This episode is when the show put it into 11 and never looked back. One of the earliest episodes that really showcased what was possible with the premise, and it has better riffing and pacing than many episodes period. This is top-10 MST, and its a shame only a few of us have it on physical media. They’ll take mine from my cold, dead hands.

  2. Attack of The The Eye Creatures. This is a great episode with so much going for it. I wish it was in rotation on Twitch or on the Gizmoplex. Alas. Hopefully some day the owner realizes this dog has no other future except as an MST episode.

  3. Final Sacrifice. Glad I got my copy when it was still available. This is a gem of an episode with so much that is memorably riffed. Top 20 episode of all time candidate.

  4. Amazing Colossal Man. Classic early Joel. We’ve got the sequel. Sure hope the OG comes back online some day.

  5. It Conquered The World. Great early episode with classic riffing. Stentorian Peter Graves monologue takes it up a notch, but its a great episode regardless. Wish it was allowed, but we may never see this one again - alas.


Yes, thank goodness for kind MSTies who keep the “tapes” “circulating.” :hugs:


I have managed to collect everything except the missing KTMA episodes. :green_heart:


You don’t have What’s it to You? either- or if you do, you better share it.