Favorite riffs from the live show? (*SPOILERS*)

What was your favorite riff/sketch from the Time Bubble show? Making Contact was truly a movie. It made for some GREAT jokes and bits. And the songs! The songs were awesome.

But my personal favorite part was when the teacher got his hand burned and the mom took him in the kitchen, and instead of running his hand under cool water she made him shove it in the fish bowl?? And threw in some ice cubes for good measure!? It made everyone in the theater exclaim or gasp aloud and then there was a beat before Crow looked out at the theater and said, “…We all saw that, right?”


I mean, the whole thing was great, tbh, but I have to admit I got the biggest kick out of the host sketch where we were all supposedly back in time to the 1920’s, Emily and the bots were speaking in slang from the time, and then Mega-Synthia storms out from behind the curtain dressed in the flapper outfit to threaten them. It was hysterical!


The goldfish! Someone later blurted out “that just happened, right?” and everyone felt it.

We were chuckling about it the next day.
What the hell was with that scene?


I loved Flapper synthia


This was my favorite as well. I mean… what the actual hell?


The fishbowl riff (or lack thereof) was definitely my favorite of all, but I also liked the quip about how the fantastic dialogue really made the movie (after several repeated, dull cries of “I hate you!” from the protagonist) and the confusion over the little robot toy apparently being sentient.


The kid’s acting was dreadful! (Not that anyone in this movie exactly gave an Oscar winning performance…lol) At the very beginning when he was sitting on his bed looking at the picture frame, talking in a monotone voice about his dad…I was about to whisper to my friend that the kid’s line’s were probably written on the other side of the frame but then Emily made almost the exact same joke :joy:

(You know you’ve watched an awful lot of mst3k when you start predicting their riffs hahaha)


In last night’s The Mads Are Back, I did predict a riff, or came close.
I think they made this German movie in English to make it more accessible, but it still sounds like the kid was dubbed

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“C is for curtain” was a big laugh, delivered perfectly. I think it was Nate’s line?


“This magic dog milk is gonna make us famous!”


My dad was a big fan of them singing “Old Time Rock n Roll” and the Goofy “gawrsh!” jokes with that one kid. And we both liked the rapid-fire burger monster riffs when the film “froze” on its frame.


The Carol of the Bells group riff “Calls From Your Dad” had me in tears and got massive applause from the audience. Just amazing.


I was full on cry laughing during the Lil Jon impression. Also the ‘Sup?’ ‘Suh?’ line cracked me up. All the riffs involving the sentient robot got me every time. SLATS!


Great ones mentioned here!

I am curious, I was at the Boston show last night and after the Scooby Doo joke…everyone just sounded sad. Maybe a few people laughed. Too dark? Did any other shows get the same reaction? Is Boston just full of dog lovers with a strong connection to childhood nostalgia?


Haha I got that vibe too. It seemed like the scooby joke and a handful of the dead dads jokes didn’t hit as hard, meanwhile I’m dying laughing. Their delivery of dark jokes is pitch perfect.


Ha! The Scooby riff is honestly one of my favorite in the show and it’s been getting nothing but groans. A little too dark, I guess.


I’d also like to applaud the person who chose the pre-show and intermission music. I really enjoyed it. It made my night to hear Nowhere Fast from Streets of Fire (especially because the actual singer was Laurie Sargent, a longtime fixture in the Boston music scene).

Not sure if all shows get the same music or if it’s curated for each city. Which reminds me, the Generic Theater image was hilarious.

And I am always happy to hear Spinal Tap.

Apologies for straying off topic a bit.


You can check out the whole playlist on Spotify.


Oh, that is great! Thank you!


Carol of the Bells was outstanding, and the goldfish, as mentioned.

“We have been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty” was another winner.

Overall, I thought it was great, and it makes me optimistic for the upcoming season.