Favorite Songs and Musical Scenes from the Movies

Per TheDoktor’s request. Here’s my list of favorite original songs from the movies (be forewarned this reflects my tastes, I have music I don’t care for -rap for one- so it’s not all-encompassing style wise). Click on titles to hear the number.

Also, this is the current draft, subject to change. I listened to over a thousand songs, went through dozens and dozens of lists and articles via websites, blogs and forums - and I still have thousands to go, music to discover from all corners of the world.


But here’s why I started a new thread for this rather than posting it in an existing one… I want to open the floor and hear about your favorite musical moments from the movies - and unlike my list, you don’t have to select originals (for example, you might want to spotlight the “Tiny Dancer” scene in Almost Famous)

Go ahead on, I’m listening…

There are so many, but for a combination of song and scene (not an original song in this case), the “Dancing in the Dark” scene with Fred Astaire and Cyd Charisse from The Band Wagon comes to mind. Such great dancing and the song fits the scene so well.


First one to pop to mind:


One of the greatest movie/music moments ever, IMHO

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An honorable mention should go to the Steve Martin & Gilda Radner homage/parody, one of the absolute best things SNL has ever done. I saw it way back when it first aired and it was a goosebump moment.

The most amazing film musical moments which come first to my mind –

Just an amazing blend of music, motion, editing, story progression, character introduction and development and good old fashioned razzle dazzle. And the finale was just as spectacular as the beginning was.


Absolutely. I also saw it when it first aired. Steve Martin happened to be the host of SNL the night Gilda died and they showed the clip again. Martin could barely get through introducing it, and I still get choked up thinking about it now.


There were a bunch of great moments in All That Jazz. Actually, I can’t think of a Fosse musical that didn’t have some great moments.

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Top 5 uses of music in High Fidelity.

Any Cyd Charisse from that movie especially is just breathtaking. I mean:

I love this one, especially the strumming. Slays me:

Magnolia works despite all odds.

The one that sticks with me is the “airline” number, which begins as a chirpy/sleazy series of double-entendres (that the suits love), gets erotic, pornographic, and ultimately nihilistic. Which I won’t link here for obvious reasons.

Speaking of which, the highlight of How To Succeed At Business Without Really Trying is the dance number for “A Secretary Is Not A Toy”:

The producers hired a man on the strength of one number, not realizing that was all he had in him, creatively, apparently. But rather than embarrass him, Fosse choreographed the rest of the film and took a “musical staging by…” credit.

That’s pretty cool.


Los Angeles Party GIF by Turner Classic Movies

I like the movie and the ending is great, they finally get their moment in the spotlight, after being stuck in the rain, after all that came before, not sure any of its going to work out…

How about some love for Busby Berkeley?


Well heck, how could I forget my favorite Varda film? Now I have a debate with myself, do I make the switch?

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If we wanna go back to Tin Pan Alley days…

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Ooh, just watched Key Largo with Hoagy Carmichael:


Not a fan of Bacall’s voice (that throaty, Kermit the Frog thing she does on the low notes), but yeah.

Am I Blue, from the same movie

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One of the catchiest tunes I’ve ever heard. What’s not immediately obvious is the way melody is increasingly carried by the xylophones — more of “the ol’ bam-boo.”

I’m also a sucker for almost anything from The Music Man and South Pacific, having played in the orchestra for high school productions of them.

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And how about Hoagy with Jane Russell (from Las Vegas Story)


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Fans of the Fugitive Alien episodes may like this two-minute video. Special bonus: it’s performed by an anime character with ukulele accompaniment.