Favorite Stingers

What’s your favorite stinger (the small clip after the end credits). I like The Screaming Skull’s with Eric picking up the skull and firing it at his dead wife’s ghost.


I always get a kick out of the one at the end of It Lives By Night. It perfectly encapsulates one’s own reaction to the film.


it stinks mystery science theater 3000 GIF


Peter Graves giving his speech one last time after it being watched by Joel and the Bots, the Mads and running over the end credits. Hilarious.


It’s not quite a stinger but, the ending of Teenage Crime wave, when Frank is getting sprayed by the mousse mace is hilarious!


I’ve always been partial to Miss Eyebrows at the end of Manos, and there are a bunch more listed over here:


I mean, obviously.


Watching this compilation I’d have to say: Cave Dwellers, Fugitive Aliens I & II, It Conquered The World, Ring Of Terror, Pod People, Manhunt In Space, Screaming Skull, Manos, I Accuse My Parents, Mitchell, Zombie Nightmare, Kitten With A Whip, Sampson vs. The Vampire Women, Laserblast, Space Mutiny, Phantom Planet, Werewolf, Future War, Track of the Moon Beast, Final Justice. But I think my top pick is still:

“help me”

“Weird. Yeah I guess that is what ya call it. Weird.”

“Creeper, Creeper, Creeper! You give ME the creeps!”

I think we can all agree that “Time for go to bed” is the absolute best, though.


I had to watch the compilation to remember some of these. If I had to pick one it would be Teenagers from Outer Space.

“When we return to our planet the High Court may well sentence you to TORCHA ! ! ! ! !”


The are the ones I think are perfect:

306: “Johnny, don’t go. It’s too dangerous.” “I don’t care!”
310: “Hahahahahahaha! You’re stuck here!”
314: Fritz is loving his work.
403: Bolo screams like a little girl just before the exploding RC plane goes off.
414: “Tom Stewart killed me!”
504: An acrobatic thug leaps onto Super Dragon’s back, with xylophone accompaniment.
505: The magical white horse laughs maniacally.
512: “You’re lying through your teeth!” “Buzz off!” “No, you buzz off!” “I SAID BUZZ OFF, KID!”
515: The batgirl gives Bruno a bat bite.
519: “Get out of here, you disGUSTing WOORRRRRM!”
521: The mechanical reindeer laughs.
524: “Ahh, ridiculous!”
616: SNAP! “It’s gone!” “Where’d it go?”
702: “Creeper, Creeper, Creeper! YOU give me the creeps!”
706: “Faaar oooout!”
804: “She’s like a butterfly, gliding across the lily pond.”
810: The hick jeweler gives a raspberry.
816: Krankor laughs. Though one of the variants of, “Your weapons are useless!” would have been equally good.
819: Fat kid screams and falls on his hinder.
820: Big McLargeHuge screams like a little girl and bails out.
903: Tony gets defenestrated.
911: “It’s right underneath us!” “I knowwwww!”
1002: “Oh, Gawd!!! I wish I had that pretty mind back!!!”
1005: “Sargassum! The weed of deceit!”
1007: “Moon rock? Oh wow!”
1101: Petersen gets acquainted with the electric eel.
1104: Keystone Kops Emergency Services deploy.
1107: Ahm gets snatched by a pterodactyl.
1110: The scrying bowl explodes.
1112: Sad sheriff gets towed.
1206: Griba kicks Ator where it counts.


“Time for go to bed!”


This is where the fish lives

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Mine is The Creeping Terror, especially the overwrought, “My God, what is it?”


So many good ones but… I’m going to say Mac and Me is great because it’s a small scene where each moment is more befuddling than the last.

That stinger is also a stinker – it’s a real stingker!