Favorite Youtube Videos Of Our Group

At what we call “MST Club,” we’ve been watching MST3K and other things over the internet for some years now. Sometimes we’ve been known to do something I call “Youtube Potluck,” where people in chat suggest videos to put in for the whole group to watch. There’s a general expectation that they don’t be too long, and that they fit in with the general decorum of the group, and further the hosts look through them before adding them to the playlist. But we’ll take a chance on something if it’s weird and fun.

For a while I kept logs of videos that we’d show for Youtube Potluck, plus there are some videos that have kind of been recognized as standards for our group, things that we just put in a lot. I finally got around to collecting a best-of list from these sources into a Google Sheets document. There’s a huge variety of these: some are funny, some are weird, and a few are amazing. Represented are comedy sketches, web cartoons, commercials, and a good number of other things. I’m still working on it, adding new things to the list, and trying to tag each item to make searching for videos of a particular type slightly easier. My system is incomplete though, and not very consistent. (See if you can figure out what makes something a “cartoon” or just “animation” in my eyes.)

For those who want to watch something fun, here is the list: MST Club's Favorite Youtube Clips - Google Sheets

Please, enjoy responsibly.