Favourite MST3K horror episodes for October?

Anyone planning on cueing up some horror episodes for Spooky season?

Whatcha watching?? :grin:

Being from Another Planet is a fun one!


I can think of one that has to make the cut no matter what: But Puhl, you is a warwilf!


I’m planning a whole spooky marathon for the month, a mix of silly stuff and actual good movies. I’ve got two MST3K episodes on the lineup: Touch of Satan and Zombie Nightmare. Watching Touch of Satan Friday!


A whole slew of them, for sure, because I love celebrating Halloween, but The Screaming Skull is a virtually guaranteed choice. That one hits all the right notes from start to finish, from all the skull imagery to Mickey and back.

The Incredible Melting Man would have to come into play, too, thanks to its mayhem-happy title character and all the gooey body horror magic that goes with him.


I’d mention The Corpse Vanishes but honestly I love that any time of year. Also, yes I think Being From Another Planet doesn’t get enough kudos. I should remember to mention it when people ask, “What episode can I use to bring someone new on board with the Brains’ magical vision?” But often I too forget, and take it for granted. :o


Debating whether to go see Rifftrax live on 10/26 with Amityville 4.


I mean, what’s the downside? :thinking:

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Oh man, with as many bad-fun Horror movies in existence, I can promise MST3K will crop up here in there if only for the commentary. Rifftrax, too. But let us not forget Elvira, nor movies that intentionally lend a hand toward self parody like ‘Night of the Creeps’.

I’m thinking Final Sacrifice will make an appearance, and that Incredibly Melted Fella. So many screaming skulls and I’m sure some dead might talk back, too.


It’s more about the timing and no one to go with for this one. :skull_and_crossbones:

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Ed Wood/Bride of the Monster double feature will be on deck at some point (maybe not explicitly horror, but at least horror-adjacent). Probably also Hobgoblins, because I need very little excuse to want some Hobgoblin-y goodness. Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders has that Twilight Zone vibe to it that makes it appropriate for spooky season.


Excellent choice! Bride of the Monster is my favorite Season 4 episode. All that great Ed Wood inspiration, that Bela Lugosi/Tor Johnson leading duo, AND Hired Part 1!

THAT’S what we needed, Rod Serling commenting on Ernest Borgnine!


Fire Maidens of Outer Space just for the Timmy sequences alone!


I’m so glad that the Timmy host segments got the high-quality treatment for the Satellite Dishes disc in the last MST3K DVD box set.

That whole storyline was gold, and it would have been a shame not to have that available in the best quality possible.

It IS unfortunate that we can’t get a proper release of the rest of the episode, because that theater sequence where Timmy slooooooooooowly rises up from the seats and menaces Servo is nightmarish.


I Was a Teenage Werewolf, Mad Monster, The Dead Talk Back, and Hobgoblins come to mind as good ones to watch in October.


Some great recommendations here!!

For the past couple years my girlfriend and I have been doing what we call Shocktober wherein we watch a different spooky movie each night of the month. At some point I decided that Fridays are for the bots so we could throw some MST3K into the mix!

Seeing as October 1st happened to land on a Friday this year, we kicked off Shocktober 2021 with her favourite episode: “Manos” The Hands of Fate

Just look at that face! Too friendly!


Being From Another Planet and Zombie Nightmare are two of my favorite episodes, so definitely those. They’ve already been mentioned, so I’ll list a riff from each one:

“Don’t tell mom the babysitter’s hot!”

“An actor conveys chilliness.”


Here are a few “go to’s” for the season…

Bride of the monster
The unearthly
The mad monster
Ring of terror
It conquered the world
Attack of the giant leeches
The giant gila monster
Killer shrews
Brain that wouldn’t die


Late to the party but some of my favourites for the season…

The Unearthly
The Being From Outer Space (a slasher whose title kind of gives it all away, really)
Bride of the Monster
The Dead Talk Back
Zombie Nightmare
Samson Vs. The Vampire Women
Devil Doll
The Touch of Satan

Not a lot of choices from the last two seasons.