Feature Request: RAM chip review community reviews per episode

The Good Thing and Bad Thing about the movie would be a top positive review and top negative review Community Reviews page a la Amazon reviews.

I’m envisioning reviews are comments that could be voted up or down like comments on Quora or Reddit.

Maybe this section is a separate page or a collapsible section on the interface, so people who want to watch without other people’s opinions can just ignore the community feature.

The existing interface seems to be a storefront, and episodes have an icon telling what season and host. There has been some talk of community features and interactivity and a reviews system at interface level beyond this forum seems important to me. The effect is that some episodes sell more or less maybe and we are voting with money for popular creative choices or stronger writing and acting.

Additionally I would like to see community patterns emerge where we are signalling each other about content preferences and content advisory. Because a few people with greater pain appreciate the signs and sensitive people still really need this show sometimes. Everyone’s individual sensitivites differ, but patterns emerge.

Also on the community page or collapsible section could be reaction icons like we’re discussing here:

Or, a fan poll like somebody suggested for this forum, a la slash dot:


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