FEEDBACK INVITED: House on Haunted Hill... Now in 3D!

After several years of exploring various processes for converting 2D film to 3D, I think I’ve come up with something that’s worth putting before the public. My previous effort, A Case of Spring Fever, got a good reaction here; now I want to find out what Msties think when the process is applied to the William Castle classic, House on Haunted Hill. Please view the film on its YouTube page, then feel free to comment below!

The original House on Haunted Hill was presented in “Emergo,” which Castle promised would deliver 3D without the glasses. Well, I’m a little short on plastic skeletons and strings to dangle them from, so you’re going to have to use red/cyan anaglyph glasses to view the 3D effect. In the absence of the upcoming Kingavision, you can go over to Amazon and search “red/cyan anaglyph glasses”; they’ve got a few reasonably priced options there.

Thanks for checking this out!


Thank YOU for sharing that with us!


That’s not true 3D. Nobody is jutting a sword or spear or long plank of wood directly at me.


Not a single game of “paddleball” in the mix!


Ahhhh!!! My dark little heart absolutely ADORES this movie! I can’t wait to check out your 3D treatment! Thank you for sharing this.

“Come with me, murderess!”


Very cool. I left a comment about how they make 3D movies now. Here are three Twitter pages related to it. Brian May of Queen also has some things on Twitter.


To me, not you.
Wanted to check this out, so I pulled out my copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum (GOTY) since it came with some 3D glasses (Which are my only pair until the Kickstarter rewards go out with the 2 I ordered).

The Arkham ones are Magenta/Green, not Red/Blue, and weren’t working for this.
Still nifty! Hope to check it out later.


Is this still available someplace? YouTube tells me it’s private.

Sorry for the delay in responding and also for needing to be a little vague, but there are some (good) things going on behind the scenes and I took it down in anticipation of that.


Hmm, I sense a crowdfunding campaign coming for a 3D remaster release, a la the recent one for Robot Monster. :sunglasses:

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Oh I can’t wait for that one!

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If there IS a Kickstarter, throw in the Rifftrax as a bonus feature and you’ve got yourself a pledge from me.