Fire TV Glitches and Questions

On my FireTV I finally got it to show the library menu. However, I now have the text box that explains the deluxe collection on the screen and can’t find a way to get rid if it and it doesn’t let me access anything.
I’ve tried backing out of the app but going back in just gets me to the same screen.
So, is this a glitch and does anyone have a suggestion?

I’ll try letting it time out and see if that lets me access the menus again.

It has gotten stuck a number of times in different areas.

  1. text box - description of movie or short.
  2. After the live stream last night, I was unable to leave the screen.
    It seems that in order to back out I have to reset the firestick.

Ivan, if you’re looking at these glitch posts, could you look at the fire tv app?