Food in MST3K films

There was a thread on FB about foods inspired by MST3K. I started thinking about it and it hit me how few eating scenes we get in most of the experiments. Maybe they have a beer or cocktail but there are full films with no food. Anyone else notice that?


Well, we are encouraged to “really just relax” when it comes to that, but I think it is likely we actually have more examples of the crew of the SoL eating than the people in the films.

That is, of course, unless you count Giant Leeches and Alien Carpet Monsters eating people.


Do movies have a lot of eating scenes in general? It might be hard to have dialogue while people are eating. Plus you have to deal with continuity if there are retakes, and I think worrying about continuity might have been a financial burden for a lot of MST3K films.


I dunno if there’s a lot or a little but my favorite eating scene in MST3K is probably from The Girl in Gold Boots when, if memory serves, one of the dudes is just SUDDENLY THERE and they riff something like “hey, aren’t you impressed, I just teleported here!” (I probably butchered the riff but it was very funny)

Got a lot of food in the shorts, though! I mean the short films. Not, you know, shorts.


The entire plot of I Accuse My Parents revolved around food, and not being able to pay for it.


There’s potatoes. And as we know, potatoes are what we eat!


I feel like you find meal scenes in drama and comedy movies fairly regularly, neither of which are common in the mst3k library. As others say, the biggest issue is cost, it’s much cheaper to stand around in a drab room than having the actors have to pretend to eat a meal.



Yes, love pads the film far more cheaply than buying food to eat, let alone buying an appliance from a pizza dominatrix to keep it in until the scene is ready.


The pizza in Munchie comes to mind. Incredibly stupid scene in an incredibly stupid movie, of course. The ridiculously stereotyped Italian chef, the flying pizza, etc.

But what really gets me is that they don’t eat the “bones”! What a waste!


But, was there a real place the Munchie pizza scene used? What is that place? I bet they have better-than-mediocre pizza.

Interesting question!

IMDB says it was this place:

Vitello’s Italian Restaurant, 4349 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, California, USA(Italian restaurant)

Yep, better than Pizza Hut or something, to be sure.

And they have a whole plant-based section of the menu for folks like me. (Of course, I’m thousands of miles away.)


Ok, I totally want to eat at that place now. Alas, I am thousands of miles away as well.

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Damn it, I want flying pizza now. :frowning:


Now does seem like a good time to shout out the famous Plazaburger:

I’ve personally never tried it with Father Mushroom, but I can vouch for its suitability with a pitcher of Point beer and the Badgers game.

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That milk that makes Jon Don Baker’s arteries look at each other and shake their heads.


Pizza features in Munchie as well as Daddy-O. Maybe others I’m not remembering.

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This place is famous because it’s the restaurant where Robert Blake was with his wife, and then clearly did not murder her outside, because he was acquitted.

And when we was acquitted he went back to the same place for his celebratory dinner.


I’m not saying that place was cursed by it’s association with Munchie. But I’m not NOT saying that


What about Johnny Longbone’s stew in Track of the Moon Beast? He even gives the recipe to everyone.

(Sigh)…. Onions?