Football VRS Football

The English call Soccer Football. THAT makes sense. They actually use mostly nothing but their feet.

But why do WE call Football, Football? It makes no sense. You use your foot once in kickoff, but other than that, it’s all hands. can’t we come up with another name for it?




We call it Throwball around here. Or American football if in mixed company.

I use soccer in mixed company, football around my fellow fans. Just don’t say futbol unless that’s your native tongue. :joy:

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Soccer, rugby league and rugby union, Gaelic football, Australian football, Canadian football, and American football all evolved from the same game. The name “soccer” was originally a Britishism short for Association Football to distinguish it from rugby.

The American and Canadian games were originally much more like rugby, but went down a radically different path with the adoption of automatic time outs after tackles and a limited number of attempts to move the ball (“downs”) past a set point after gaining possession.


hmm, I did not know that. So there IS a reason why it might be called football. it just didn’t change when the game changes.

as for futball, I sometimes use that to distinguish the too a bit easier :).


Let’s call it rediforsumfootball.


We call it throwpig. Because footballs were supposedly made of pigskin. (I don’t know if that used to be true but they’re really cowhide now.) We’ve expanded it to other sports:

American football: Throwpig
Basketball: Bouncepig
Baseball: Batpig
Footie: Kickpig
Tennis: Racketpig (could also be netpig?)
Volleyball: Spikepig
Hockey: er… icepig? Not really a ball…
Golf: hm. golf. Boringpig? Stickpig?
Rugby: Scrumpig
Water polo: Splashpig