For C Courtney Joner (or anyone): What's your favorite lesser known pulp/sci-fi writer???

What’s your favorite lesser known pulp/sci-fi writer???

  • Miss Emmy Martian

pronounced like “My favorite MARTIAN”


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Matthew Reilly is one of the great “dumb fun” writers ever. He’s got the same appeal as the church scene from Kingsman, basically saying to you in every book “Here’s a bunch of people you want to see suffer horrible deaths, suffering horrible deaths. Please enjoy!” He also just made his first movie Interceptor, which is just like one of his books come to life.

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I’m a big fan of Edmond Hamilton - who wrote a ton of Sci-fi and a bunch of silver age DC comics. His wife was Leigh Bracket, writer of Empire Strikes Back!

Fredric Brown for sure. Terrific and very funny writer.

I don’t know if his movies count as scifi. Larry Blamire makes some fun movies that poke fun on 50s movies. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, Trail of the Screaming Forehead, A Dark and Stormy Night.

Kurt Siodmak’s name was said on a bunch of old time radio shows. I don’t know if he’s a pulper. He’s just old and nobody hearda him.

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Paula Volsky. Tad Williams. Tim Pratt.

Don’t know if I’d call any of them “pulp” but they are all lesser-known sci-fi (ish) writers I like quite a bit.


Curt Siodmak is huge - he gave us The Wolf Man and I Walked with a Zombie etc!