Forget about the Joel vs. Mike debate . .

Two recent and unusual-yet-excellent waffle discoveries:

A Vietnamese pandan waffle. Pandan is a fragrant green leaf which gives the waffle a bright green interior. It also imparts a flavor that’s slightly sweet but also a bit tangy, but not in the way that citrus is. It’s… just really great… wonderful with black coffee. It’s served wrapped in paper and folded over without any flourishes, and honestly it doesn’t need any.

Also discovered a savory Indian snack/brunch waffle with spices and chick pea flour, and crunchy chick peas and luscious mint chutney on top in lieu of butter and syrup. AMAZING! (You can get breakfast meats at this place, too. But I didn’t notice nor miss them.)

So yeah… after all my righteous raging in the Regrettable Foods thread, I’m outed as a disgraceful fraud, but I don’t care.