i never got the title for the backer on the forums when i paid for everything can someone look into it

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During beta testing, Backer status had to be requested from the admins (see the post below). Soon, that will be overridden by the Backer information you provided in the survey—anyone who requested backer status when filling it out will have it based on that.

Here’s more info from Ivan:


so how do i provide the backer number i know the date i purchased it

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Sign into Kickstarter, click “View Pledge” and scroll to the bottom of your pledge window. It’s below your payment info.

If you filled out the survey and provided the email address you used for the KS, the backer tag will be added to everyone’s profile at the same time (Ivan will do it as a batch so those that have it now will also lose it if they didn’t fill out that section of the survey)


i did it thrru the late one

does that make a difference

Maybe find your BackerKit number.

i am on the site now i dont see a number on the backerkit site to provide

If you don’t have or can’t find your backer number, you could always send an email to the team at, but since we’re less than a week out from the end of the survey period it might be quicker and easier just to wait for them to make the forum-wide changeover.


ok i forget the forum name i put on there too

i just changed my name on here thats why