Frank's punishment in Rocketship X-M

You might recall how Frank got punished twice (or it might have been three times) on his first day at Deep 13. The first for nearly bringing down the Satellite of Love, the second for ripping off Joel’s Invention Exchange so blatantly. However, I’m not entirely sure what was done to him. My best guess is that Dr. F. was giving him a wedgie, but I’m not confident on that score. Any other ideas?


Dr. F put a rope down the back of his pants and then pulled it out quickly, giving him a rope burn on his backside.


What FastidiousRobot said.

And for clarity, it was brought up again in show #211 during the “junk drawer” skit. Frank holds up a plastic butt and asks if Clay remembers it from the “Thruster Buster” bit. He does a motion with his hand with sound FX, as if a string were being pulled through it, and Forrester mentions that it was an important part of his training.


He made him review future bad films for Joel to watch.

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