Free Jackbox ticket link on points to $40K Gizmoplex pass

The official MST3K Twitter account tweeted to the public yesterday and several days ago about the Jackbox showdown tonight. Following the link ( mst3k . com/jackbox ) takes you to a Gizmoplex page: “SPECIAL: Meg-Monster Jackbox Showdown” with a “Buy” button. Clicking “buy” takes you to a Gizmoplex Pass: 6 months (3/4 - 8/31) for $40,000 (forty thousand dollars). That time period only has 1 month left in it.

So … I guess that’s a sign that the business side is … ailing?
(No hate here, just concern.)


Yes, but this is a link to the general public, who were never sent a reward code. Further, some might have been willing to spend the $8 or so to watch. But they got a 5-months-old 6-month pass offer for kickstarter backers only.

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I would guess that was a simple error on the part of whoever tweeted that, not a attempt to get someone to spend 40 grand to watch a Jackbox game.


Apologies—I was still working my way through those links so we can run this up the line to @Ivan for a fix and wanted to at least share the link about the purposely crazy pricing.

I’m seeing the same issue you are (“And best of all, IT’S FREE” followed by a link to get tickets which ends up at the $40K price). I’m going to separate this issue into its own bug report.

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Thanks. I really want The Gizmoplex to succeed.


Mod notes:

The link to get free tickets to the Jackbox event

leads to the $40K 6-Month Pass page:

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It looks like that’s changed somewhat.

If you click the “GET YOUR TICKETS” link at the bottom, it takes you to the event page with that ticket image in the background:

If you click on the link attached to the artwork that appears above the description of the Crow Vs. Servo event, it takes you to a “page not found” error message:

The abovementioned link in the MST3K Twitter account now takes you to the event page that has the ticket image in the background.

(EDIT: Ignore all this; I just tried the Buy button at the bottom of that red ticket page while logged out and was directed to the Gizmoplex 6-month pass purchase page for $40K.)


Interesting. When I’m logged out, SPECIAL: Mega-Monster Jackbox Showdown! - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX takes me to that event page with the red ticket, but the Buy button at the bottom takes me to the $40K pass page—nothing else is clickable.

I just tried the Buy button while logged out, and yeah, that’s the culprit. It’s got that misdirected link to the Gizmoplex 6-month pass, like the original post said.

I don’t know if it’s a case where that red ticket image will automatically change over to the video of the event like the livestream premieres or if it’s something where you -have- to click Buy to gain access to that.


Reload and give it another shot now? It should work as long as someone signs in with a free Gizmoplex account. No redirect to a purchase page, no buy button.


All good to go here!

I’m seeing the “DO NOT USE THE BUY BUTTON” text and the link there takes you to the Gizmoplex login screen.

Thanks, @Ivan, and kudos on an excellent job as always!


Yup, all good here as well. Thanks, Ivan!



$40 grand? I could almost buy a ticket to see Springsteen for that much!


Hey, @ivan where is the Jackbox Showdown going to be if you’re just going through the site (Or, in my case, through the MST3K app on Fire TV)?

I don’t see it in my Gizmoplex pass or anywhere else. Am I just looking too early?

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I did see it in my Gizmoplex Pass section earlier, but it’s not there now. I’m not sure where it went.

But you can find it here!

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It’ll be on the front carousel of the site and the app VERY shortly, but you can also get there by going straight to SPECIAL: Mega-Monster Jackbox Showdown! - MST3K: THE GIZMOPLEX!


Ah, most excellent! Thanks kindly, @Ivan!