From the Makers of The Christmas Dragon...

Comes the story of Hades and Persephone… as a ROMANCE TALE!

Since the director is now part of the MSTverse, I figured we should check in on what he’s up to and maybe offer support for his Kickstarter. The film may not be any good but you can definitely see the sincerity it’ll no doubt have unlike other B-movie machines these days.

Full disclosure, I backed the project because why not?


I hope there’s a subplot in which Persephone and Aphrodite have an arm-wrestling contest or dance-off to determine who gets to date Adonis.


If I remember my mythology correctly, then Persephone travelled THIRTY FEET to the underworld.


I tossed some fundage their way. Could be an interesting flick.



Jake Stormoen was in The Christmas Dragon as well as Airk. He ended up doing a four-season CW show called The Outpost, which also featured Adam Johnson from that movie.

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The Outpost was made by Arrowstorm Entertainment, who also made The Christmas Dragon, so the cast sharing isn’t a surprise.

I’m curious to look deeper into this Kickstarter. It’s a different production company than Christmas Dragon, but it shares some common players and is also based in Utah. Arrowstorm did Kickstarters for their films, but this is asking four times what they usually asked for.

Edit: Looking a little closer at this, Mainstay seems to be a production house John Lyde created himself, so he must have branched out from what Arrowstorm was doing for his own projects.

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The Outpost actually moved from Utah to Serbia after the first season, teaming up with Balkanic Entertainment. In what I’m guessing was for tax break reasons, they cast a bunch of Serbian actors in supporting roles and no less than three of them, along with one of the English cast, ended up on The Ark.

Just a heads up, they are in the last three days of their campaign. They did meet their initial funding goal so the film will be made. If you want in on the ground floor, now’s the time.

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