Frood of the future

Are you a hoopy frood? Are you from the future or some alternate improbability dimension? What sort of towel do you have? Terry? Linen? Tea? So many books and radio plays address this. What galactic-level, deeply personal decisions have you made while hitchhiking? Or are they mostly harmless?


Baby, I’m so hip I can’t see past my pelvis!

… had to. Sorry, no hitchhiking experience: my hitchhiking years were after “***, gas, or grass” turned into “feed me your skin.”

Tea for sure, though when playing the old Infocom HH game, I had to have NoTea and things got metaphysical.


Bah. Belgium to you.


Whereas I’m so unhip it’s a wonder my bum doesn’t fall off.


When hitchhiking you need yourself a super plush XL bath towel so it can double as a security blanket.


Well, you asked.

I forget where I got this one. In high school we did silkscreen printing in one of my art classes and I actually made one for myself that was also embellished with glitter puff paint. I forget the design exactly but I think it was like a planet (not the Great Green Arkleseizure I don’t think - we had to hand-cut the silkscreen film in those days and it might have been too complex) and something about ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha. I’m sure I didn’t throw that away but I don’t know where it got to, so I can’t show it off, alas.


Please tell me this is something I can buy for myself?

Possibly, but I got it for my husband as a gift at least 13 years ago, sooo I have no idea where anymore. (That number may sound oddly specific, but it’s how long we’ve been married and we’re pretty sure it was either around that time or possibly earlier.) Alas the tag on it just says “100% Turkish cotton” (so, that answers the main topic of the post, I guess?) and nothing about who designed it or sold it.

Perhaps one of these will scratch that itch.

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Oh I never go anywhere without my trusty towel. Never know when you’ll meet a ravenous bugblatter beast of Traal and have to shield your eyes from it.