Full List of Episodes not on the Gizmoplex

Just wanted to compile the episodes that aren’t listed for sale or rent:

Anything bolded is known to not be available to Shout Factory in any form. Source: https://forrestcrow.proboards.com/thread/6297/likelihood-shout-factory-release-list

Anything Italicized is available on DVD in a collection on the Shout Factory website

Season 2: 201: Rocketship X-M, 212: Godzilla vs Megalon, 213: Godzilla vs the Sea Monster

Season 3: 305: Stranded in Space, 309: Amazing Colossal Man, 311: It Conquered the World, 317: Viking Women and the Sea Serpent

Season 4: 401: Space Travelers, 416: Fire Maidens from Outer Space, 418: Attack of the the Eye Creatures

Season 5: 522: Teen-Age Crime Wave, 524: 12 to the Moon

Season 6: 601: Girls Town, 605: Colossus and the Headhunters, 614: San Francisco International, 615: Kitten with a Whip

Season 7: 704: Incredible Melting Man

Season 8 (hoo boy): 801: Revenge of the Creature, 802: The Leech Woman, 803: The Mole People, 804: The Deadly Mantis, 805: The Thing that Couldn’t Die, 807: Terror from the Year 5000, 809: I was a Teenage Werewolf, 814: Riding with Death, 815: Agent for H.A.R.M.

Season 9: 901: The Projected Man, 905: The Deadly Bees, 906: The Space Children, 910: The Final Sacrifice

Season 10: 1001: Soultaker, 1010: It Lives By Night (Also on Amazon streaming), 1012: Squirm, 1013: Danger: Diabolik

Seasons 1, 11 and 12 are available in full


Thank you for taking the time to compile this list!

Strangely I can’t find some of these episodes in the App version of the Gizmoplex but they do show up in the web version :thinking:


Merlin should be just overall available, there’s no impediments on those rights to my knowledge


317: Viking Women and the Sea Serpent was available for purchase and download at RiffTrax. There might be some others as well.


It Lives by Night is available from RiffTrax as well.


I did some research into the episodes not available to stream.

-The most shows not on streaming come from episodes licensed from Paramount (2 current, 3 potential), Columbia Pictures (3), and Universal (10).

-All episodes licensed from MGM are on the streams but five: Alien from LA, Incredible Melting Man, Riding with Death, It Lives By Night, and Squirm. Alien from LA is available in the Gizmoplex, however, but not streaming anywhere else.

-All AMC Networks licensed eps are on streams but one: Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (AMC and Selma Enterprises, who episodes 315, 319, 806, and 808 are also licensed from and ARE available on streaming).

-All episodes without copyright info on the DVDs (presumably public domain or super secret double probation rights holders?) are on the streams but two: Stranded in Space and Colossus and the Headhunters.

So it’s a little puzzling we don’t have Viking Women, Stranded in Space, and Colossus available in the Gizmoplex and elsewhere (and why Alien from LA is not on Twitch, Shout, Pluto, etc).


It’s my guess they don’t have streaming rights to the Universal movies of Season 8, just DVD


Squirm is available from Shout!. It’s on the Turkey Day collection :slightly_smiling_face:


It is, unfortunately you “can no longer purchase” that collection because Squirm’s distribution deal has expired

The titles not in bold, is it possible they will be on the Gizmoplex in the future?

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It just depends on if they can get the streaming rights to them. I’d love to see Teen-Age Crime Wave and The Leech Woman eventually be released on the Gizmoplex. Both are super underrated episodes IMO.

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I guess it’s good that some of us not only circulated the tapes, but held on to them! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: