Full list of pledges and add-ons?

Is there a place where I can find the add-ons I purchased? When I log into Kickstarter, all I see is my pledge level, but I don’t see any of add-ons I purchased listed.

Sorry if I’m repeating a topic from elsewhere, but I searched and couldn’t find the question (or the answer, obviously).


Did you receive a BackerKit email? (and more importantly, did you complete it?)

If so, all of your add-ons should be listed in that email form.


EDIT: Apologies, you were asking about add-ons.

Here is a post with the rewards chart and a link to the digital episodes spreadsheet:


Winner winner chicken dinner! Out of all the search terms I used to scan my inbox, I was an idiot and didn’t even try “backerkit”. Thanks for humoring me.


No worries. Points for hustle.


Glad you found the info you needed. :slight_smile:


My add ons aren’t showing up on backerkit either for some reason.

If you search your mail for backerkit, you should find an itemized receipt from when they charged your card for your pledge and any additional add-ons from the survey. It’s how I found mine, anyway.

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Thanks! I just emailed them & found out though I had an email receipt for my add-ons, they never charged my card so I wouldn’t have gotten them if I hadn’t checked.

Yikes, good catch.

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