Funny Stories Involving MST3K

I have a funny story for all of you and it doesn’t really fall under any of the other categories. So here is a thread for funny stories somehow related to MST3K.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted a Jeep Wrangler. In 2012 I finally got my chance. I traded in my truck (named Big Turk) and got a used Jeep. It was black and a pretty base model, so I ended up naming him Phantom of Krankor, Krankor for short. Now, Krankor doesn’t have AC. Normally that’s not an issue for Jeeps since that is what the soft top is for. I have never done well in heat, and a few years after getting Krankor I started becoming a lot less tolerant. One summer I ended up with heat rash all down both arms and have since started passing out in heat, so AC in the summer is a must. Not unlike Krankor’s own stubbornness, I wasn’t giving him up. I did long for the utility of a truck again though, so I headed down to a dealership and got the cheapest truck with AC I could for 7k. It was a Chevy Colorado and the sub model was Z71, which was perfect since Krankor has a minion called Z7 and Crow comments “Hey Z7, suck it in!” Poor Z7 had a lot of problems. Nothing major, but a lot of little things like the key needing to be turned a certain way to get the door to unlock, having a weird size battery that was hard to get, the dome light not working, and the dash light occasionally not working. The headlight always worked, so I could deal with the rest. A squirrel also got in somehow and peed all over and ate part of the steering wheel so it stank like ammonia for quite a while. Well recently the temp gauge stopped working and a check engine light came on, so I took it in and was shocked when they told me it needed 6k worth of work. By that time, it was worth less than that. So last Thursday I picked it up from the shop and hoped it made it to the dealership where I had gotten it. When I told the guy at the shop that’s were I was headed, he nodded and said that was probably the right move. I ended up trading it in for a white Ford Ranger. As I’m driving it home, I was trying to think of a name when it hit me. His name shall be Prince of Space! He swoops in to rescue me from the ineptitude of Krankor’s minions. So now I have Krankor and Prince of Space sitting at my house. As the only people who would understand, I felt the need to share.


Pretty nice!


I like it very much!


Well played sir, well played.



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If it’s RiffTrax related is that okay? Because I have a good one (imo).

So for years in my house my mom would reference a PSA she watched in High School (in the 60s in Idaho Falls, Idaho) about train track safety. Of course my sister and I (and probably some of my sister’s friends, too) would quote it, too.

The line as she recalled it was “Why don’t they look, Ralph?” “I do not know, Clem.”

So cue muffled years later and my sister is watching one of the RiffTrax shorts. IT’S THE PSA MY MOM WATCHED IN HIGH SCHOOL!

Of course we didn’t have the quote exactly right but still. We had my mom watch it and she totally remembered it. It was just such a crazy random happenstance.


Nice! Of course Rifftrax stories count!


Family friend is living with us. Making him watch “Shake Hands with Danger” because he uses some of the machines in the video daily at his job. (Not the riffed version sadly as he’s not into that but he’s loving the video)

Song will be stuck in my head the rest of the day/week :+1:t2: