Futurama back again??

i am a HUGE futurama fan, but i don’t know how i feel about this…

basically it’s coming back for 20 eps to hulu, right now with no john dimaggio cuz he wants more $$$$$$$.


“And I’m Bonder! I’ve always been here!”


Sigh. Get ready for a WHOLE LOT of Donald Trump’s head in a jar.


Man, if only you had experience with a comedy show where a bunch of robots suddenly had different voices…

Seriously, though, I do love DiMaggio and hope that fan complaint gets Hulu to pony up more cash.

“You all remember Bonder’s hilarious catchphrase: ‘Get stuck, you f*ck!’”


No worries, they can just replace bender with another guy named John, and nobody will notice. Or maybe a guy named Darren, that always works…


I’d be more excited about this if the Hulu Animaniacs revival had been any good.

Still, I had the good fortune to meet and briefly (for a couple of hours) work with half the cast (not John) on a different project a few years back, and they all seemed like really cool people. So that’s another reason for me to hope this works out for them.

Good luck to John. I wonder what the actual sticking point is. I don’t think we’ll ever know, exactly. More money is the obvious one, but I have to assume they’d offer him the same as the other main cast, and they all agreed.

Well, we’ll see. They say negotiations are ongoing. They’re auditioning replacements just in case, but there’s still a chance they can work it out.


it’s not so much that it’s without john dimaggio for me, it’s more of how many times can they bring it back and it’s still good? i was happy with the way they ended things and fine with it just being what it was.

bringing back mst3k multiple times, you have endless movies to riff off of. and the voice actor switches worked there too. i’m more worried this will end up in simpsons like territory where they should have quit while they were ahead.


I don’t think Futurama was ever really brought back. Not how Family Guy was, at least. Wasn’t it just a limited run of some episodes instead of an uncancelling? And, being only on Hulu is practically the same as “straight to video”. And, being only on Hulu probably also means that the 20 new episodes is all you’ll be getting. What if we call it “a show that was never really cancelled but instead just keeps pumping out episodes every once in a while on its own schedule”? Kind of like how what The Venture Brothers was doing before [AS] finally pulled the plug.

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Despite the valid point that Futurama had a good ending, and the fact that bringing back a great show doesn’t guarantee its greatness will continue, I love Futurama so goshdarn much that hearing this news got me SUPER hyped… until I read about John DiMaggio potentially not being included. I know I can’t say much, not knowing all the facts of the negotiations, but I do hope they manage to make a deal and bring DiMaggio back to the project. He’s not just THE voice of Bender, but I also love his work as a voice actor overall. Hearing Bender sing “Bender is great” with any other voice actor, even someone who can mimic the performance perfectly, just won’t be the same…


Shut up baby, I know it


I’m really torn on this.

the last two revials where good. and better than they could have been. THESE Days, there are no real writers left in hollywood that can do that kind of stuff. And ALOT of places want SJW nonsense in their stuff still. JD went on a TDS rant over on twitter a few years back, and havn’t really heard anything from him since. wasn’t even sure he still did acting.


Well it can’t be as lackluster as Disenchantment.

Although I haven’t watched the latest episodes. Maybe they manage to rise above mediocre.


Looks to me like he is getting work:


I’m passing on this one.

And for the record, I like Disenchantment.


I’ll give it a try because I always loved Futurama. And for the record I also really like Disenchantment.


i like disenchantment too, but i also feel like it could be better. idk if it’s because that team isn’t use to telling linear stories? futurama had some great arcs but they weren’t season-long.

bean, luci, and elfo are a fun team.


I am cautiously optimistic that it will be good, since most of the original crew is back.

Then of course, if Bender isn’t back they can bite my shiny metal…


Two things have me wary:

  1. It ended perfectly before. It’d be a shame to undo that.
  1. No John DiMaggio? That’s rough.

Well… hope for the best, right? That’s kind of my brand.

If there’s new Futurama, for better or for worse, I’m there.


Where have you gone John DiMaggio, Our fandom turns its lonely eyes to you



♫ woo woo woo ♫