Future merch requests!

MST Pinball:
Start off by plunging the ball into GPT’s mouth as a skill shot, sending it around the Umbilicus Ramp to the right flipper and a shot at Deep 13 to start Movie Sign.

Movie Sign: one if eight different movie modes, some of them:
Manos: Lasts forever, ball to ball, game to game, until someone finally uses the ball to push the little Torgo figure into the hotel. People really get creeped out hearing the Torgo theme continue after the game is over!
TISCTSLABM-UZ: Every shot lights a letter in THOSE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES THAT STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED-UP ZOMBIES. Wait, every shot? It’d take way too long, make that every switch.
Hobgoblins: Makes you “hallucinate,” lighting shots that are not actually active. The key is to hit the unlit shots; to make up for it, this can even make available jackpots outside of multiball.
Space Mutiny: A highlight, magnets beneath the table try to slow the ball down and make it easier to control. “We’ll be reaching speeds of 3!” But whatever you do, when the officer lady’s “presenting like a mandrill,” do NOT “hit it.”
Pod People: The magnets from the Space Mutiny mode are also utilized here. The ball gets flung around in random directions to goofy music, like The Power from Addams Family but (presumably) funnier. When it sends a ball into an outlane you hear Joel say, “Trumpy can do stupid things!”

Shoot the ball into the Hexfield Viewscreen to earn a Mystery Award, ranging from ball saver (“I think it’s great of you to give that dead lady another chance!”) to big points (“A million bucks!”) to activating the big revolving shot blocker in the middle of the table (“Someone please turn off the fat rotating guy!”)

Multiball: Robot Roll Call
Lock a ball into models of Cambot, GPC and Tom Servo’s mouths, in that order, then hit Crow to begin. (Cambot has a mouth? No matter.) As in Funhouse, the 'bots all quip during the game, their mouths animating with their lines, and when multiball starts, you guessed it: “BLEAH!”

Wizard Mode: Space Escape. Each objective lights a different Mad Scientist on the playfield: Dr F, Frank, Pearl, Bobo, Brain Guy, Kinga, and Max. Light them all for your chance to escape the S.O.L. and escape being subjected to cheesy movies at last!


Licensed pinballs are getting especially pricy. Crowdfunding might work here, but it’s a pretty big commitment.


Throwing a bunch of previously said stuff together here, but how about “Adult Onesie Pajamas that are MST3K Jumpsuits”?

A printed-on jumpsuit onesie would be much cheaper than one made of actual clothes. Also, I could curl up and watch MST3K in it. And possibly wear it out in public…


Looks like the heavy lifting has been done. I would drop a fistful of quarters on this game!


I don’t know if it’d be possible to get the licensing done, but if we could get versions of the AppleTV Aerial screen savers, but with a theater (Host and bots) overlay, along with Kaiju roaming the terrain below? :thinking:


Could we at least get a sampo?


IIRC, a few Lego sets had been suggested on Lego’s site along with mockup versions, but they either didn’t garner enough support or something else stood in the way. I forget the details, but recall at least two versions offered up by fans.


I need some MST3K fabric. To make a quilt out of. Or permission to use the mst3k imagery to have some custom fabric printed. We were discussing this in the artsy craftsy section, but figured I’d throw it in here too.


An MST3K board game. The possibilities would be endless. A trivia game, or maybe a choose your own adventure style game or a riff-off with friends where you watch clips from old movies and then whomever writes the best riff wins. What do you think, sirs?


I’m sure that official MST3K Lego sets will happen one day. ONE DAY.
Guess I can just keep dreaming.


I want a Tom Servo Roomba.


Ha! I made an MST3K board game in high school. It think I still have it around somewhere.


A beer stein shaped like Tom Servo would be fantastic. (Yes, with the flip-top dome.)

Also, the option to have a mug with the cinema silhouette wrapped along the bottom with classic riff lines filling the space above in different fonts or colours would be great. (I can’t just pick one. Have a survey form where those interested just choose their top ten from a list of… a lot, and then the top twenty or thirty or so from everyone’s votes become the “screen” of the cinema.)


Maybe you could do one of those thermal mugs where additional stuff is revealed when it gets hot. Like there could be a movie image with the silhouettes, and when you add a hot beverage the quotes appear. The downside is the thermal component doesn’t have quite the longevity as a regular mug print.


Stretch Arm Joel!


Tbh, most of the things I want as merch are invention exchange items. You know, who wouldn’t want a Big Head or a Tank Top or a recomfy bike…


@YettiChild MST3K Talisman would be very cool (Talisman is a classic 1980s fantasy RPG boardgame with recent Star Wars/Batman/Harry Potter re-skinnings)


Remember the posters that used to come with the box sets. Tiny little posters for each episode. I want those.

Oh man, second this. Steve Vance’s posters make me so happy. I have no idea how I would fit them all on my walls, but I’d die trying. A comprehensive postcard set to expand on the rewards from the prior kickstarter would be fantastic (and probably more practical).


Maybe make the posters a set of king sized bed sheets? I would collect them all also. Even mini prints would do.


What about a Loot Crate type box, sent maybe quarterly, filled with MST3K merchandise. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest of stuff now! It could have stickers, pins, postcards, small figures, etc.

Also, some action figures of not just the cast, but some of the cheesy monsters and characters that have been on the show since the beginning. Make them look old school, blister packs on cards, in the vein of what ReAction figures are doing. Can you imagine having a Rowdower figure on your shelf, between a Mitchell figure, and Hobgoblin? It doesn’t stink!

Just a couple of ideas.