Gamera, Not Just For Children Anymore

Okay, so it’s not named Gamera. It’s just a way to tie it into the MST world. While some may say it should be wild, the turtle is probably too domesticated to be released.


Well that’s just the cutest darn reptile I’ve ever seen.
(Not knowing the story behind how he got the little guy, I obviously couldn’t say for sure, but it looks like a painted turtle, which are sold as pets anyway, so it could be that this turtle was never wild in the first place. :slightly_smiling_face:)


Thank you for this day brightener! :heart:

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I would guess by the red on the sides of the head that it’s a red-eared slider, which is another popular pet species.


Just to be clear, it is not recommended that you nuzzle reptiles. There is a risk of salmonella. That said, I’d be totally nuzzling that turtle!


What is life without risk?

Did a risk of salmonella stop me from eating at The Crazy Chicken?
Did a risk of E. Coli stop me from eating at Chipotle?
Did a risk of Covid stop me from eating the popcorn off the floor of the movies?

No, it did not!