Gamera vs Jiger.... Finally

the Gamera series on mst3k has been some of my favs with Joel and the bots. the classic “Hello, Thank you” from Gamera vs Guiron
had me cracking up when i first saw it. now watching it in the Gizmoplex i had the same reaction. so i am totally looking forward to the next installment and hopefully not the last of Gamera


The only odd thing will be having a Gamera movie on MST3K without a Sandy Frank connection (as far as I’m aware anyway).


We can still sing the Sandy Frank song!


More Gamera is…hmmm…more Gamera. For me, that’s good. The movies were staples on late-night and Saturday afternoon TV in the '70s. It didn’t get much better than a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, a patch of shag carpet in the den and a Gamera movie for eight-year old me. Turtle meat is in my DNA.

Gamera Vs Guiron is one of my five or six favorite experiments and the rest are all really entertaining. I’ve never seen Jiger and have avoided knowing anything about it. I expect this one to be a high point of the season for me.


my introduction to gamera was on vhs (damn i miss video stores). i was such a huge Godzilla fan , i found all the Gamera movies. i didnt watch them in order til i was much older. lol. that episode will also be the high point of the season for me too


Actually, the Gamera vs. Guiron is not a Sandy Frank dub, I don’t think. At least, there’s no Sandy Frank name anywhere in the credits. We don’t see the closing credits.

Certainly, the quality of the dubbing is much lower than in the other Gamera films.


Guiron was a sandy frank dub. i dont think it’ll make too much a difference if jiger is not. @CMWaters

I just meant from a continuing the tradition point of view. Though I don’t think they’d be as harsh with jokes against him nowadays.

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Some Jiger to tide you over till July:

Those fellas are working on another: