Games, movies, albums, and shows you're impatiently looking forward to and why?

I’ve been chomping it to bits for months to babble incoherently about the new Evil Dead game coming out. Being born in the 80’s obviously I love Bruce Campbell and the original Evil Dead films(and fairly recently cancelled series on starz), but couldn’t find a good spot to post it, so with the release date set for a little over a month away yet I figured I’d just make a spot.

This isn’t a topic for trailers,
this topic by LadyStarblade has that covered.

This topic/thread is just to talk about general information, and various aspects of some potentially awesome confirmed projects set to release in the following weeks, months, or unfortunately sometimes years and why you’re excited to see, watch, play, and/or listen.


The asbolutely first thing I want to dive into that I’m personally looking forward to: Evil_Dead_The_Game_Cover_Art
Release Date: May 13th, 2022

17 years since the last attempt at a video game, and 3 consoles later there is finally a new Evil Dead video game coming to current gen consoles. This will be the 5th attempt since the 1984 Commodore first tried to bring some of the magic from the movie to a fans controller.

Personally I thought since the playstation release in 2000 of Hail to the King, (which in and of itself wasn’t a terrible game, controls and camera angles were kind of crap, and overall it was a rough looking game but with that said they had the aura of the series down and it seems like the developers tried to do something special so it was kind of good if you were a fan I thought) and the following release of Fistful of Boomstick in 2003, and then Evil Dead Regeneration in 2005 both for the X-box and Playstation 2 respectively were increasingly good …and then nothing… for almost 2 decades…

The bad: There’s been a couple of delays, and this is the 3rd release date set, however it was extended both times due to them wanting to have a full campaign and story for fans and not just the multi-player which seems like an interesting and fun attempt at making a competitive mode out of the existing world of Evil Dead.

The good: Not only is it going to definitely be a modern gaming experience with all the bells and whistles for a campaign and multiplayer game. but apparently they got full VA work from all cast/characters including the man himself as well as classic characters such as Scotty, Cheryl, and Shelly but also new additions Ray and Donna from Ash vs The Evil Dead.

The Ugly: Some fans have been complaining the graphics feel last gen, and overall yeah the game could bite it if they tell a bad story or the controls are garbage…

Overall there seems like real potential and an earnest attempt to keep the fun of Bruce Campbell as Ash in Evil Dead alive through modern gaming since Bruce loves the character, but feels too old to want to do or be able to do all the physically demanding stunts that playing Ash entails and to be able to pull it off convincingly this allows him to do it, and Bruce seems really behind it, and potentially being able to keep playing the character this way(edit: an interview with Bruce below):



Even if Spock’s sideburns look a little janky.


I was absolutely taken by Anson Mount and Ethan Peck’s turns in Discovery, so I am thrilled to see this fleshing out of pre-TOS. I also like the return to episodic TV instead of focusing on long arcs. And M’Benga?? Are you kidding me?

vibrates with excitement


Bablyon Five reboot! I have reservations about it, but the B5 content in my blood has dropped to dangerous levels, and I need a re-up. I really want to see how JMS tweaks the story… he is so clever I expect the differences in the reboot to be fantastic, and I predict he will spend a lot of the show faking you out because you think you know the story. Also, TV effects have gotten so much better I expect JMS will pull a George Lucas and try to tell stories as big as possible. It’d be cool to see an inside view of the core of the station with thousands of people milling around in the park.


I am eager to see the Sandman and Dark Tower TV adaptations that I’ve been hearing about for a while now. Also the Game of Thrones prequel coming out in August.

It’s been a while since I’ve played any video games, though I’m going to see if I can get my old Baldur’s Gate CD’s to work in my Windows 7 machine. And not since the d20 days have I been excited about any new tabletop RPG product. But I am eagerly awaiting the GURPS Girl Genius book that I backed on Kickstarter. I’ll probably never use it for actual gaming, but it should have lots of good stuff about this awesome webcomic that I’ve been following for 20+ years.


Oh, and per Carl Weathers, The Mandalorian Season 3 has wrapped filming.


Mando is by far my favorite Star Wars thing ever. (Well, maybe Obi-Wan, Poe, and C-3PO can join that list.)


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Unbearable Weightiness of Massive Talent?

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It’s hard to get excited about movies and games for me anymore. But I will be eager to watch the Obi-Wan series and the second Spider-verse movie. Oh and! My mom and I are definitely gonna go see the new Downton Abbey movie when it comes out :joy:



I gotta save enough to pre-order.


I’m really looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy this year. I wish Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 were still being made, I was really excited for that one.


I don’t know how I missed the thread on this before, but that’s awesome news!

Me, my dad, and my older sister are big fans of King and especially the Dark Tower series and have been impatiently waiting and hoping at least 10 years that they’d figure out a way to bring it on screen properly. It always seemed too long and intricate to really relay in films properly. So I’m glad it’s going to get a series adaptation. My biggest concern is it ends up being good, but not garnering Game of Thrones popularity and therefor getting cancelled, or not renewed a few seasons in.


Well, if it’s a) Stephen King and b) good, it has every advantage for success that it can have.


True, but I finally got into Castle Rock after not being a huge fan of the first season, I thought Season 2 was fricking brilliant, but some how that got cancelled shortly after…

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Looking forward to yet another return of Futurma on Hulu this time, at least now that John is on board. I couldn’t of supported a replacement. I’ve been a fan since it aired in 99’ but I only caught the occasional episode until 2003 when [as] got syndication rights and then I watched roughly 1 or 2 episodes a night of the first 4 seasons for a couple years and it cemented my love of the show. I thought the 4 movies between 08’ and 09’ that make up season 5 were fantastic, and would of been an okay end to the show, but of course there was the Comedy Central return. I thought it started strong, but lost steam, I blame short sightedness and intervening producers on CC being impatient and always wanting a show to have a bigger draw(very few shows make it past a 3rd season if they get that).

The Good: All of the cast is onboard, and Hulu might end up being the perfect place for viewers these days to find Hulu as opposed to being slotted on cable in the streaming age.

The Bad: Comedy Central saw a bit of a decline in the show that could theoretically continue, and it’s been cancelled twice already.

The Ugly: There’s only a rough release date set for sometime in 2023 so it’s likely a year out at least, and yet again like last return there was a bit of a issue with getting the cast to return due to CC and now Hulu not wanting to pay the cast what they’re worth. Hulu finally met up with John DiMaggio who was the last hold out which is great, but overall it is at least a little off putting considering the CC run was plagued with issues and not wanting to shell out money for the voices in the first place was just the start of a continuing trend of not wanting to properly invest in the show(at least in my opinion.

At any rate I’m excited to go on some new adventures with the Planet Express crew!


Guess who got the game!


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Finally coming to my local Laemmle art house on Friday. Been streaming his albums since early Spring.