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This is the nicest my lettuce and greens beds have ever looked. Unfortunately, the slugs think so, too.


Give your slugs some beer. That’ll slow them down.


I may have only the two plants this year, but dang, they are doing AMAZING,


Some photos:


Nice looking pepper plants! It’ll be another month before mine are anywhere near that size.

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Thank! Hopefully get some tasty peppers out of it this year.


You already have tomatoes? I’m getting ready to play my outside this weekend.

Update on the aerogarden herbs:

Basil is amazing. And even using as much as we are, it’s still overwhelming the rosemary that got a late start.

The thyme is coming along. I think there’s enough there we can start using that. Still not sure what we’re going to do with the mint.

The sage was also late, but it’s growing nicely. And it smells amazing.


Yeah, planted the seeds in starter pots in late February.

Put them in the big pots in April.

Hopefully they taste better this year.

I am far from a gardener but last fall I did plant some lavenders (1 gal) along my front curb, and now they’re going gangbusters!

Just after planting (October):

May 5 this year:

May 16:


I hope you like bees. Because you’re going to have loads of bees. They will likely obsess over all that lavender.


love bees! Can’t wait!


Those look fantastic! Any tips on how to start lavender? I have some seeds and I would very much like to have some lavender plants, but am not sure how to get from here to there.

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Oh I wouldn’t dare start a plant from seed not give gardening advice – I’m a bit of a black thumb. That’s why I started with 1 gallon plants for these. I just asked the guy at the nursery how much to water them at first and hoped for the best :smiley:

Tom the Tomato is planted!

He got one little flower while I was waiting for the weather to warm up. That flower now has a tiny little tomato. Here’s hoping that is a good sign and I get fruit this time.


I didn’t know how to start lavender either, but we had a happy one in a mostly desolate place. Our soil suuuuucks. Recently I dug it up and moved it because other plants were encroaching. Despite my atrocious transplanting - I think I broke 90% of the roots - it still seems to be alive.

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If the climate’s right it’s pretty hardy, that’s one reason I choose it – the bay area climate is perfect for it.