Gardeners' Corner

Spinach is tricky. It’s always a race to use it fresh before it gets hot and either dies or bolts.

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I bought some Olympia F1 seed from Territorial this year, and it’s the best I’ve ever grown for resisting bolting. It did eventually bolt, but I had plenty of time to harvest a good amount of spinach before that, and the plants didn’t die back even when temperatures climbed into the 90s. I eventually pulled them so I could plant lettuce in its place.

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Our garden is doing pretty good considering we got a late start on planting this year. Spinach is already gone. Swiss chard is ready, cucumbers, okra, and zucchini are producing. We have a mix of peppers, jalapeno, poblano, scotch bonnets, Tibetan red chiles, & chicken claw peppers.

Pumpkins are coming along nicely

Picked these two monsters today…beer for scale


Woke up to see this huge pumpkin blossom this morning, and the patch is full of bees pollinating! Hoping for a good harvest this year.