Gardening MSTies

I just spent a bit of the afternoon in my garden, and it got me to wondering how many of you also have green thumbs and like to commune with the plants and bugs. Feel free to post your garden pics, problems, and tips here!

Mine is a guerrilla garden made from the unused portion of my landlords’ driveway, much to my landlords’ delight (phew). It’s pretty shady, sheltered, and cool, and here in Toronto we have a classic semi-continental climate with hot, humid summers, and frigid, snowy winters (most years, unless climate change really flexes its muscles.)

I try to keep mostly indigenous plants (easier growth, less water, happier critters), so I have a variety of violets, yarrow, goldenrod, day lilies, butterfly weed, clematis, phlox, and columbine. I keep a bed of lilies of the valley, and morning glories and honeysuckle climb all over any trellis or fence. Rosemary, Genovese basil, chives, nasturtium, lavender, and cilantro add an edible/useful element, and a couple potted palms lend a bit of privacy from the driveway, which is a bit of a communal space between four houses.

I’ve always wanted a rose arbour, but roses don’t do so well in this region (my hometown is known as the rose city; I began gardening with roses acting more like weeds in the way than prized garden babies.) I also can’t seem to keep primrose or foxglove alive for more than one season no matter what I try.

Here is my patch today, with things just starting to really grow. I’ll update when the vines fill-out. Show us what garden paradise you turn to for peace of mind and earthly connection!


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