Gas Stations

The convenience store. Gas, Candy, Expensive Groceries. The stop away from home. Do you go in? Or is it just the gas? Lottery Tickets, Cigarettes, Newspapers. Is there one you liked? Mom and Pop, Self-Serve, Car Wash. Any stand out? Or dime a dozen?


Just the gas. Once got yelled at in Oregon because we didn’t know. Corner Gas was one of the first shows I watched regularly via illicit channels.

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We’re still not there yet.

If you live near one of the dots on this map, you know the best gas station chains for food.

I’m a Sheetz fan myself, but I will stop at Wawa if it is what’s available.

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You pose a great question. What gas station chains are best for what? Thanks EBK!!!

I kinda miss Allsup sometimes. Since I live in a state where full service costs the same as self, I don’t go inside. If I’m traveling, it’s usually Pilot/Flying J around here.

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QT has tasty donuts. Also, I’m amendable to enormous frozen beverages, wherever they might be found. Plus I can get gas at those places too, not that I use much anymore. I fill the tank like twice a year now, tops.

But donuts and frozen cokes? Those I get a lot. Maybe even too much…

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I miss saying that I was going to go walk over to the Bigfoot down the street to pick up something.


However, I can still say, “strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”


Stewart’s. Started out as a single ice cream place. Very good subs.

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Where are these?

Central/Eastern NY and VT

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Casey’s definitely the dominant option where I’m from. Their pizza is pretty good!

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They have a signature pizza?

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Their taco pizza option is very popular. I prefer the more straight-up pepperoni myself.

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